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Letter to the Editor-Keith Sash, Mayor, City of Gladbrook

May 3, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
I can relate to “I’ve heard all this a hundred times”. We too had a telephone that you cranked (3 longs 2 shorts) on a party-line, but my brother received for his birthday a parakeet (who thought he was human) and would wolf whistle and would say “Dirty Bird Skip” as his name was Skippy, Skip, Skipper, so everyone on the party-line would know if we did not have the earpiece hung up properly, as he usually sat on the long neck of wall phone, if he was not taking a free ride on our shoulders from room to room. My folks were one of the first to have a 13-inch Black and White Sylvania TV and it was not uncommon to have relatives and/or friends fill the farm house dining room on Saturday or Sunday nights to watch TV. But not on 500 Club card night once a month. But oh how I miss hearing (the bales of hay/straw go into the barn by way of the forks that were foot stamped into the bales) the wining sound of the pulleys, pulling up the bales and the guys yelling to drop the bales in the barn. I can still feel the different material (i.e. seersucker, do they even make that anymore?) at my fingertips as my hands went down the rows of material at Jipps in Lincoln. Where our mom would find patterns (simplicity), notions for us “Delfs kids” to have new clothes. And of course you couldn’t walk out of Jipps without seeing the framed Gladbrook Girls Basketball Team State Champs photo on the wall or sliding back the door of the shanty lean-to next to Jipps for all the “new toys”. Or the tarps put up for the movies on Saturday nights in Lincoln, as well as Kinderfest of which we never missed. Gladbrook Corn Carnival was a must to be at with the big long Merchant’s Tent where we got pencils for the next school year, among other things. If we were really “good” kids we ate at Peace Church tent with its maid-rites, where we would see Elmer and Polly Gethmann (dad’s 1st cousin). And we were good kids and met up with Delfs-Barfels cousins at that anticipated Corn Carnival event. Even if I won a plastic ring that turned my finger green, at the penny toss/ring toss, plate amusement venue.

Irma Delfs (Venenga) Daughter of Elmer & Irma Delfs Great Granddaughter of Marx Delfs



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