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Message From Our Mayor

April 12, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
I’m writing this letter on Easter and it looks like spring is finally here.  The robins are back and I’m seeing several new songbirds at the feeder.  Also, Craig is getting baby calves which is always a good time.  He has one orphan calf which the two older kids enjoy bottle feeding.  Yesterday, we had all the grandkids here for Easter.  With five kids running around the house, it can get a little wild.  That’s good for Grandma Jo.  The twins are five months old now and fun to watch them change so fast.  We also had my mother here.  It was the first time she got to see and hold the twins, both at the same time.  We got a picture of her with the seven great grandkids and it wasn’t easy to get them all calmed down at the same time. It is getting nice enough to walk the bike trail and around town.  If you are one who likes to do this, think about taking along a plastic bag and picking up trash.  If we all do this, it will make a big difference and make our community look better. With spring a lot of you will be doing yard clean up.  Remember, the tree dump will be open for yard waste.  Please use it and help keep some of the smoke out of town.  Also the dump is for tree and yard waste only so don’t take lumber or any other kind of trash out there.  If you see anyone dumping the wrong kind of trash, please let me know. Our U. S. Congress is still trying to find ways to cut deficit spending and continued increases to the federal debt.  At least they say they are trying but when our Senate can’t figure out how to solve the $385,000 lost in the Senate barber shop, I have little hope of their solving anything else.  At least Iowa is going to stay within its income and will have a surplus and your city council makes sure they do the same. Now on the lighter side – my son, Craig, will say I have heard all this a hundred times but here we go again.  Do you remember when you cranked the phone to make a call, you had a party line and if you needed help you cranked it for a long time and everyone would answer, you walked both ways to school, you walked down a path to the outhouse, water came out of a pump, not a bottle and it was free, a candy bar was five cents, pop a dime, movie at the Uptown was $1.00 a couple and popcorn a dime.  A new car was $2000, gas was .23 cents per gallon and someone pumped it for you, tires were $20, good farms were $350 per acre, Maid Rites were 5/$1.00, coal was used for heat, food was homegrown and organic, your first black and white TV, country school where you knew everyone, a big trip was to Marshalltown, church and family came before school activities, the town cop and mayors court, the cloth to skin ratio was different, a deer was a rare sight, you had to steer a tractor, shift a car, no air conditioning, you pushed a mower, first day at the big school(500 students in Gladbrook), dinner buckets, the Easter bunny and Santa Claus really came, diapers were held on with pins and washed daily, every family had chickens, cows and pigs, once a week baths and using the same water as your sister(yuk) and you earned it before you bought it.  Some of these changes are for the better, some are not.  Thanks for letting me ramble on. Finally, congratulations to councilman Roger and Terri Luehring on the birth of their first grandchild born on Easter morning.  The little girl is doing great!   Keith Sash, Mayor   PS – Our Constitution is in actual operation:  everything appears to promise that it will last, but nothing in this world is certain but death and taxes ——Benjamin Franklin


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