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Gladbrook Auxiliary News

April 12, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
President Jeanne opened the 1:30pm meeting in the Activity Room of Westbrook Acres on April 8, 2013, to old and new Auxiliary members as we welcomed some residing there who were members from other local Units too. Four officers answered roll call. We welcomed Brent Boge and his wife of the Reinbeck Pharmacy as he explained their new program to have free delivery of OTC and prescription drugs to Gladbrook on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. Drug holders and planners are available and can also be filled and delivered for a $10 refill fee. They accept most insurance and Part D plans and also handle hearing aide batteries, ostomy supplies and even diabetic shoes. Call (866)347-4457 to transfer prescriptions or questions. Jeanne then opened the meeting with the pledge and prayer by Martha Gamble. The secretary’s report was read and corrected with correspondence from Barb Beichley as she remembered her mother, Helen Harders 89th birthday with a memorial donation. We always appreciate her kindness. Financial report was given with bills presented. A short report was given on the Third District Conference held here in Gladbrook on March 23 with thanks for all who helped. 65 ladies and 50 Legionnaires attended with thanks to Doug Gethmann for furnishing and driving the van to transport the ladies from PUCC to the Memorial Bldg for the soup and sandwich lunch. Special thanks also to Martha Gamble for the 100 plus ‘bags’ she had made for each of the District Auxiliary members attending, plus the 50 some she had made for the Veterans Outreach Program in Cedar Rapids. Martha was unable to attend, but we certainly recognized her hard work. The extra bags were sent to the IVH to be used at the Ladies Luncheon there. Now, she is busy making more for the Junior Conference and for Kids Club members. Gladbrook will be hosting the District Junior Conference on April 28 with lunch by Group #6 at 11:30am and the meeting to follow. Donations of coloring books, colors and activity books for the children of military families is President Kendra’s project and are appreciated….also save those pop tabs. Tama County Government Day is on Wednesday, April 10 with Joyce Swangel and Marilyn Carstensen helping and Becky Fish baking the 4 doz cookies. Helpers need to be there by 9am. Member Tanya Clausen Richards funeral service is scheduled for Wednesday April 11 in Des Moines and a fundraiser previously planned will be held on April 12. She was a 33 year member of the Gladbrook Auxiliary, starting as a Junior. Committee report from Children and Youth chairman, Becky Fish was given by Jeanne. The Kids Club shopping Day was again a huge success and she had a magazine showing the results of the Christmas Shoe Box project the Juniors did. Since 1993, over 103 million shoeboxes have been filled and sent both overseas and to children in the US. Kay Lowry, Legislative chairman gave an interesting update on changes planned to funding of Veterans projects. She has tapped into ‘Action Alerts’ website reporting budget cuts are aimed at changing the cost of living basis effecting both veterans benefits and social security payments. The job situation is improving with 7% of veterans looking for work (mostly the younger vets) compared to 7.9% of general public. The VA is looking for more funding for veterans with brain and eye injuries. She mentioned the ‘sequester’ issue which will have a long term negative effect for Veterans. National Security chairman, Jeanne reported that the Unit had made their annual donations to the USO and the AEF programs. She also visited the elementary school and passed out a packet including stickers, colors and a booklet on ‘What to do in an Emergency’…and, of course, a package of life saver candy to the students. This program also includes our adoption of the Kyle Krull family as our military family. We had hoped he would be able to come home in Jan or then March, but with the unrest in North Korea, it has been delayed. It was reported that Marietta Greve is now a resident of Parkview Manor nursing home in Reinbeck. The Mother’s Day Tea is will be held on Monday, May 13 at 1:30pm. We will recognize membership years, have Junior to Senior graduation and a memorial service for those lost this past year. Department President Mary Litrell and District President Kelly Elliott plan to attend. The Middle School chorus will provide a musical program at 1:30 so plan to attend. The Juniors will be distributing poppies in the Lincoln and Gladbrook communities after school on Wednesday, May 8. We thank Martha Gamble and Trudi Scott for furnishing and serving the lunch. Westbrook Acres will be having their resident Memorial Service at 2pm on Tuesday April 23rd. With no further business, we closed with the singing of God Bless America. A delicious poke cake, coffee and punch was served by Marilyn Peters, Jodi Betts and Sandy Raum.



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