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Pastoral Reflections- Pastor Bruce Zimmermann, Christ Lutheran Church Gladbrook, Iowa

March 29, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
According to an old story from India, there once lived a king who tried to shield his son Gautama from all the unhappiness in the world. He surrounded him with only young, healthy, and happy friends. One day, however, Guatama and a young friend sneaked away from the palace. As they walked the streets, Guatama saw three sights he had never seen before. There were sick people, old people, and dead people. When his friend told him that sickness, old age, and death happen to people all over the world, Guatama said, “Now I can never be happy again.” The apostle Paul also found out how much unhappiness and troubles there are in the world. He knew Christians suffer as much as anyone else. Yet her wrote: “Rejoice in the Lord always.” (Philippians 4:4) Always? even when we hurt and cry? Paul answered, “ I will say it again: Rejoice!” We might not be able to rejoice over our tears or pains or loneliness. But we can always rejoice in the Lord. For Jesus, the Prince of heaven, came into this world to share in our kind of life. He was born the way we are born. He experienced loneliness, weakness, and pain just like we do. He died just as all people die. This is the reason we can rejoice. For by sharing in our troubled life, Jesus our Savior made it possible for us to share in his joyous, resurrected life. He lives forever to save us from sin and death. So even if we should be surrounded with unhappiness our whole life, we can still rejoice. For our Lord lives with us, and we will live with him forever. That’s a way to conquer all sadness.


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