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Message From Our Mayor

March 15, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
This should be an interesting letter as I’m trying to write this while Jo and I are babysitting with Craig and Autumn’s five kids.  The two oldest are watching cartoons.  Casein is just waking up from his nap and the twins are supposed to be asleep but Dawson (I think) wakes up and cries every so often. First thing on my list is a request from John Clausen.  As most of you know, John has been faithful to Trees Forever.  He is responsible for many of the trees planted here in town and at Union Grove Lake in the last several years.  John needs help this spring and summer.  John’s daughter, Tanya, is fighting a very serious cancer.  The doctors have done all that they can for her and John needs to spend as much time as possible with her.  He will need someone to help plant and water the new trees that will be planted on the west side of the park.  This shouldn’t take a lot of time.  Please, someone step forward and help out John in this very hard time for him.  He also needs someone or a group of volunteers to take over the planting of trees at Union Grove Lake.  Both of these projects are very worthwhile and not overly time consuming.  If you can help in any way, please call John at 473-2669 or me at 473-2561.  Thanks for caring! As most of you know this has been one of the heaviest snowfall winters in a long time although not as bad as it was in 1936 and 1972 according to the experts in the Mans Cave.  Mark Lowry has had to put in a lot of long hours moving snow.  Most of you home owners are very good at helping to get your cars moved so Mark can get the streets completely clean  but there are always a few people who leave their vehicles unattended for several weeks at a time.  This makes Mark’s job a lot harder and in some cases dangerous.  The same goes for sidewalks.  Most of you are very good at shoveling your walks but there are always a few that don’t do their share!  I have been lax at informing the city council on these two issues this winter.  It takes a lot of extra work for our city employees when they are already overloaded with moving snow.  I will be asking the city council to look at our present ordinance and to look at a possible new snow ordinance that will give Mark and the mayor a method for solving these problems and a method to pass the expense on to those responsible. The council with Lori’s help has the budget ready to go.  I believe they have come up with a good budget for our city.  Come to the budget hearing and voice your thoughts. Congratulations to councilman Dan DeWitt and his wife Sam on the birth of their son, Beau Wyatt. Keith Sash, Mayor PS  Has anyone been affected by all those terrible things that were going to happen because of sequestration.  Just wait until the end of the month when our congress doesn’t have budget or has to shut down. 


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