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Alpha Study

March 8, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Alpha Study met on February 12, 2013. President Deb Wentzien opened the meeting at Pauline Flamme’s home and thanked her for hosting the 16 members in attendance.   Since the occasion fell on Lincoln’s birthday, Deb had a quiz for members, with just one rule for each woman: to keep track of how many questions she answered correctly about Abraham Lincoln.  Jean Livingston was the expert of the day and received the prize of a roll of pennies. Roll Call:  During roll call, each member stated her birthday (month and day, year was optional). Excused or Absent: Eight members were excused. Sec Report:  The report from last meeting (1.22.13) was not presented. Correspondence:  Gladbrook/Reinbeck requested a donation to the After-Prom activities.  The group agreed to support the event, as has been done previously. Treas Reportt:  The report was approved.                      Old Business:  None. New Business:  None.                 Other Discussion:  The Library Committee requested clarification of its project.  Shirley Young followed up on her book report from last meeting, by relating some of her horses’ experiences. Book Review:  The Book Committee introduced Pat Clausen who reported on The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein.  She explained that the narrator is actually a dog named Enzo, who learned his life philosophies while living with a racecar driver, Denny, all his life.  The family grew to include Denny’s wife, Eve, and daughter, Zoe, each of whom was willing to explain the complexities of modern life to the family pet and confidant. Though now suffering from old age, Enzo’s wisdom and insights are fresh and entertaining for all readers.  Closing:  Deb closed by sharing a timely poem, “God’s Valentine Gift.”  Hostess Served:  Pauline served a delightful cherry dessert appropriate for Valentines Day.  


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