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Dollar Stretchers

February 15, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Cleaning Dry Erase Boards Instead of reaching for a tissue or paper towel to clean a message off a dry-erase board, pick a piece of paper out of your recycling bin and erase away. It’s free, and it works. Mary

Affordable Valentine’s The Valentine’s gift that my husband cherished most from me was a sheet of paper on which I wrote all the reasons I love him. This was a treasure greater than any card. It may be a great gift to give children, too! Merrie VonS.

Saving on Laundry Detergent You can still use the “name brand” laundry detergent, but cut it in half. We often use too much and half the amount gets the same job done. To avoid using too much, provide a “new” scoop that is the correct amount. Jamie

Stinky Car! To remove odors from your car, crumble newspaper and leave it in the car. Also, put a bag of plain charcoal briquettes in the car to absorb orders. Do not use the kind with lighter fluid on the briquettes. Paula

Fresher Lettuce and Celery I learned a trick for keeping lettuce and celery crisp and fresh for a long time, at least two to three weeks. I wrap these items in aluminum foil and put them in the fridge’s veggie drawer. This seems to work very well. I have done the tip of wrapping these items in paper toweling and putting them in a plastic bag, but the foil works much better! Elizabeth

Skinny Jeans for Less A popular trend in fashion this winter is skinny jeans tucked into tall boots. Instead of rushing out to buy skinny jeans, take another look at what you have. Capri and other shorter pants can be worn with tall boots. Nobody will know you recycled a summer trend, especially if you add the boot cuffs that are so popular right now. Affordable fashion means more than hitting the clearance racks. Sometimes, you have to be a magician and pull off an easy illusion. LR

Tired of Living Frugally? I think everyone who pinches pennies does get tired of it at times. Now and then, you can pamper yourself with small luxuries. I just bought myself a box of chocolates. I plan on having just one a day until they run out. This isn’t a regular monthly expense for me, but it satisfies that part of me that wants to do something more extravagant once in a while. It is still much cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on something I really don’t need. Linda, Tri-Cities, WA

Keeping Love Strong My husband and I will be married 12 years in April. Our love is as strong as ever before. One thing that we do for each other is leave messages on the bathroom mirror with soap. Using a bar of any kind of soap dipped in water, we can get any message across. And it costs almost nothing. If you want to be sneaky, take a dry cloth and wipe the excess off. When he/she takes a steamy shower, the note magically appears. And the best part is that clean-up is a snap! K.

Free Pet Sweaters I live in a normally mild climate, but this winter we had a very long cold snap with snow and ice. My little beagle started shivering and didn’t want to go outside. I didn’t want to spend $20 or more on a sweater for her, and I don’t know how to knit or crochet. I took an old sweatshirt and cut the sleeves off of it. I pulled it over her head, and the wrist band acted as the collar. I felt through the sleeve until I felt where her shoulders started and cut two holes for her front legs and pulled them through. I trimmed the back with pinking shears until it fit perfectly. She loves her new sweater, and I even made one for her larger brother out of a leg of a pair of old sweatpants! T.

Affordable Privacy Curtain After my neighbors expanded into a two-story house, my upstairs bathroom needed obscure windows and the estimate was in the thousands. I found a spray-on product that would do the job for $5 at the local home improvement store. It could even be easily removed with acetone if it looked bad. It was worth a try. It looks great! I was able to take down the dark and dusty mini-blinds and now enjoy a shower of light every day. Janet in Cupertino, CA



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