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Pastoral Reflections- Rev. Roger White, pastor, Gladbrook United Methodist Church Gladbrook, Iowa

February 8, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching as we get ready to once again show signs of our love and affection for that special someone. The universal heart symbol is also recognized as a symbol for Cupid shooting an arrow (of love) through your heart. The heart, in and of itself also correlates to the theme of love. So we busily dive into the purchase or making of heart candies, heart cards or heart flowers: sometimes we are quite creative and at other times we purchase what is available. The essence of Valentine’s Day is exhibiting our love in whatever shape, form or fashion desirable. God hasn’t waited for a certain day to show His immense love for you. His desire to show His love comes across the pages of His book..the Holy Bible. Etched upon the pages of 66 individual books compiled together in a comprehensive salvation plan, God has woven together who He is and how He shows His love. His grace comes to us on a daily basis to shower, strengthen and sustain us on our journey of life. To the faithful comes a loving embrace of love, grace and mercy. It is how we live, love and have our being. His plan since before creation was to provide and protect His people with His unfathomable love. We sense His love through creation, the prophets, the Manger, the Cross, the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit’s guidance and direction, and someday for God’s regenerated people we will see the ultimate example of His love culminate in Heaven’s Glory. God took special care in making His plan and purpose accessible, wanting to totally show a love that was unmistakable and embraceable. If we are enabled to accept His great love we are able to share His love with others. God painstakingly gave us example after example of His love with Jesus Christ being the epitome of that love. The birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection of the Christ teaches us through example what God’s love is all about. That is why it is so vital that we read God’s love letter or valentine if you prefer, so that we can comprehend who God is and what our relationship with Him can be. God doesn’t use fluffy, sentimental sayings but rather gives us the rock-ribbed assurance of His love through the Hope of salvation and eternal life with Him. But here in the secular world I hope that you receive the type of valentine that brightens your day and that you realize that you are loved. More importantly, I hope and prayer that you will feel the warmth of God’s love for you as His word, like cupid’s arrow penetrates your heart. Until next time..PR


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