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Pastoral Reflections-What Whine to Serve at the Super Bowl Rev. Robert P. Doner, pastor, Peace United Church of Christ Gladbrook, Iowa

February 1, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
It is another year Another Super Bow, never fear The Harbaugh boys will surely vie Their best bet would be a tie Ray Lewis has advanced He hopes for one more dance Yes, it is another year Another Super Bowl, don’t shed a tear!

There is a cartoon which shows a minister, in the background, preaching his heart out. Presumably he is preaching from a text in Genesis 22 because two of the pastor’s male parishioners are whispering to each other and one says to the other: “If he finds nine points that spell out S-U-P-E-R-B-O-W-L out of Genesis 22, he could be the all-time winner.” Really? Sometimes I fear that it is an all too often occurrence that the speaker (me) and the listener (you) are about 100 yards apart. This observation might be considered whining by some, when it is after all, just an observation. I took time to look up Genesis 22-it is mostly about Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac. An old text for a Super Bowl Sunday, wouldn’t you agree? And yet-I did find nine points to reflect on. No, you, the listener needn’t worry. I won’t go through nine points. What I do ask you to think about is this: for teams to reach the level of success that the 49ers and the Ravens have reached has required great sacrifice, commitment, and faith in what they are doing. A great many personal needs are set aside in order for the great whole to achieve that success. That is why the Ray Lewis saga is so intriguing and the storyline regarding the Harbaugh brothers is so interesting. Please know that I know the many sacrifices you make daily-your commitment and faith that carries you through all of your daily labors, at home and at work, with co-workers and family. The story of Abraham and Isaac may seem bigger than life, as does the promotion of the Super Bowl, but the truth is the greatest story is yours. Yours and the Lord’s. So-stop whining about what you should serve for the Super Bowl and go out and celebrate your success and achievements with the blessings of the Lord!



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