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Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service 2012 Review

January 31, 2013
Northern-Sun Print

The Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service ended 2012 with 124 patients being transported. This total only includes the patients that were transported to a medical facility. It does not include first aid calls, DOAs or fire calls. The type of calls included: accidents & falls- 14; medical emergencies- 77; vehicular accidents- 6; drugs & alcohol abuse- 4; cardiac emergencies- 13; hypothermia- 1 and transfers- 9.

The service began the year in January with an onsite inspection, which is part of the Service Program Authorization renewal process through the Iowa Department of Public Health. The service was deficiency free and G-L Ambulance Service licensed was renewed until December 31, 2015.

Many crew members on the service have put a tremendous amount of time and dedication to being on call and helping others all times of the day or night. But we need new members to keep a 24/7 ambulance service operating in the Gladbrook and Lincoln area. The service needs more EMT-B's, as several of the "oldies" plan to retire this summer. The EMT-B course is approximately a four-five month course meeting two nights a week learning advance first aid, trauma care, extrication, and more. We hope to offer this course in Gladbrook. We need a minimum of 12 people to take the course. Training will be paid. If anyone is interested call Jeanne at 641-751-2039. The sacrifices crew members make are far out numbered by the rewards of helping others and saving lives.

Article Photos

Gladbrook-Licoln Ambulance Crew members, in front (l-r) Greg Randolph, Tammy Pierce, Linda Randolph, Susan Beichly, and Steve Willer. In back, (l-r) Tom Handorf, John (JB) Bereczki (retired in 2012), Randy Beichley, Gene Seda, Darrell Paustian, and Jeanne Paustian. Members not pictured are Josh Warnell, Heather Pierce, and Beth Goos.

The service was happy to have two of their members selected Grand Marshals of the 2012 90th Corn Carnival Grand Parade, Darrell & Jeanne Paustian. Gene Seda has been selected as Grand Marshal of the 2013 Grand Parade. He has been on the service since it was established in 1972. Congratulations, Gene!The service would like to thank the following for their donations in 2012: Memory of Kenny Sanderson, Roger Dahms, Dewitt Refrigeration, Memory of Vivian Schade, Memory of Anna Mae Rohweder, Roland & Joyce Dahms, Loren & Linda Frericks, Marge Frey, Larry & Ruth Wescott, Wolfcreek Whirlwinds, Alice Schulz, Memory of Doc Schaeferle, Lyle & Thelma Lage, Memory of Marge Mugge, Berneda Thede, Memory of Mike Aalfs, Loraine Otto, Gladbrook Women's Club, Peace Church Women's Guild, Mary Jane Schaeferle, Carolyn Groth, Bess Fulster, Fritz & Juanita Fulster, and Dave & Sherri Denbow.

There is no way the crew can thank everyone enough for their monetary support. Many of those listed give a donation every year. The service has been able to purchase the newest and most efficient equipment possible thanks to these donators. Everyone's thoughtfulness has helped so many in their time of need.

2012 found the service purchasing all new pagers and radios in the two units, since the government implemented narrow band frequencies.

There are blinking light bulbs available, free of charge, in the ambulance building. Replace the existing light bulb on your porch. If you call an ambulance turn the light on and it will blink and the crew will know immediately what house they have been paged too. You can use the same light bulb for just a non-blinking porch light as well. Please help yourself. They are in the equipment room in the ambulance building.

The ambulance service and the Gladbrook Auxiliary have put all their hospital type equipment together in the ambulance building for anyone to use. All you have to do is sign it out. The equipment is in a room inside the ambulance building. We want to thank Mary Curly for the donation of a power scooter. The equipment includes: 4 electric hospital beds, commodes, walkers, over-the bed table, shower chairs, stool extenders, adult crutches, child crutches, 3-legged cane, wheelchairs, chair walkers, etc. There is no charge for the temporary use of this equipment.

The ambulance crew tries to do several community service projects yearly. It is one way for the crew to say thanks for all the support that is given by the Gladbrook and Lincoln area residents. In July, the service organized, furnished supplies, and equipment, and helped man the first-aid station at the Tama County Fair. The crew provided ambulance service at all the G-R varsity, JV and JH home football games. The crew also does first aid demonstrations and programs for organizations and groups. The crew decorated a tree for Gladbrook's annual "Festival of Trees" during the holiday season in the City Center. The service and the Gladbrook Auxiliary teamed up and passed out "EMT Volunteers Neighbors Helping Neighbors" educational activities book for K-2nd graders at the Gladbrook campus.

The service is an active member of the Tama County EMS Association.

The following are members of the Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service and the year they started: Gene Seda (72), Darrell & Jeanne Paustian (79), Susan Beichley (86), Greg Randolph (87), Randy Beichley (89), Linda Randolph (89), Steve Willer (90), Tom Handorf (03), Tammi Pierce (06), Josh Warnell (10), Beth Goos (11), and Heather Pierce (11). As you can see, many of the crew members have been serving for a lot of years and are nearing their desire to retire. So we need new people to step up and take the EMT-B course.

John Bereczki retired in 2012. We want to thank him for helping us out since 1989.

It would be very hard to maintain a day shift if it wouldn't be for the cooperation of several area businesses that let our volunteers respond when an emergency arises. The crew would like to especially thank the following businesses: G-R School, Westbrook Acres, Gifts of Grace, City of Gladbrook, and the Peace Church.

The G-L Ambulance Service tries to provide quick and efficient service to the Gladbrook-Lincoln area and wants to thank everyone for their continual support. A special thanks to the Gladbrook Fire & Rescue Squad and the Lincoln Fire Dept for their help at accidents and when we need some lifting power. We also want to thank Gladbrook Maintenance Director Mark Lowry for his assistance in getting the rigs out, plowing snow, lifting power, and driving when needed.

The service is starting their 41st year of service to the Gladbrook and Lincoln communities.



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