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Tama County Board of Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

January 25, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The Tama County Board of Supervisors met Monday morning with the recommendation of theTama County Compensation Board’s on the agenda. The Compensation Board recently presented their recommendation of three and one-half percent raise for elected officials. Supervisors discussed the recommendation for a couple of weeks and today Supervisor Larry Vest made a motion to appoved the recommendation, with Dan Anderson seconding the motion. All three voted aye. The Auditors quarterly report was presented and approved showing collections of $601.00 for Maps and Plat Bookds (GIS shapefiles) and $20.90 in miscellaneous, for a total of $621.90. Ryan Currens, Tama County Emergency Management Director, sent information stating Governor Branstad has designated January 20 through 26th as Hazardous Materials Awareness Week. This week is designated with the goal to provide Iowans a better understanding about hazardous materials, their proper use, storage, and disposal, and the emergency response actions that can help minimize unnecessary accidents and exposure. At 10:00 a.m. a public hearing was held for the TIF area financing. A resolution was passed proposing to enter into a general obligation loan agreement and issue general obligation bonds in a principal amount not to exceed $7,950,000 (Bonds) in accordance with the provisions of Sections 331.402 and 331.441 of the Code of Iowa for the essential county purpose of paying the cost to that amount of planning, undertaking and carrying out projects in the Vienna Wind Farm Urban Renewal Area consisting of the reconstruction of and improvements to county roads and bridges. The use by Northland Securities of the Preliminary Official statement relating to the Bonds, in substantially the form as has been presented to and considered by the Board of Supervisors is approved and Northland Securities is authorized to prepare and use a final Official Statement for the Bonds substantially in the form of the Preliminary Official Statement for the Bonds but with changes as are required to conform the same to the terms of the Bonds and when adopted, the resolution authorizing the issuance of the Bonds. The County Auditor is authorized and directed to execute a final Official Statement for the bonds if requested. The tax money will come from the windmills, not the property on which they stand, as only the improvement is taxed, will be as follows. Year one, nothing.Year two five percent of the tax collected, Year three ten percent of the tax collected, Year four fifteen percent, year five twenty percent, year six twenty-five percent and year seven thirty percent until paid. The work which will benefit from this is for road work from the Grundy county line south to Highway 30, and then Highway 63 west to the Marshall County line. The main purpose of this transaction is that there is such a large amount of road work required, including bridge work, this plan will free the regular money for road work to be done in the rest of the county. Supevisors frown on the idea of raising property taxes to do the road work required.or for that matter, they frown on raising taxes for anything unless it is unavoidable. Claims for the past week came to $197,512.77.


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