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Gladbrook Women’s Club

January 18, 2013
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook Women’s Club met January 10, 2013, at Independent Living. President Karen Handorf introduced the guest speaker Vivien LeVier, who spoke on Robert Rules of Order. Vivien had the group share what “bugs” them about meetings and were reminded that use of Robert Rules of Order can make meetings move smoothly, makes sure each person is treated fairly and provides clear results. Robert Rules of Order have been used for hundreds of years by many groups because they work. All U. S., local, state, and federal bodies as well as most organizations follow similar parliamentary procedure. Because they are so widely used, most people understand and can use them. The group had a fun practice of Robert Rules of Order by combining various nut, sweets, and cereals to make a trail mix. Each lady enjoyed taking a bag of mix home. Following the program President Handorf called the meeting to order. Nineteen members answered roll call. The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasurer’s report was presented and will be filed with the secretary’s report. There were no new bills presented. The following correspondence was read: Thank you from Martha Gamble for making name tags, donations and helping with Kids Shopping Day. The Gladbrook Library for the donation of $100 which will be used for the summer reading program “Dig Into Reading.” Cedar Valley Hospice for a donation of $50. The Gladbrook-Lincoln Ambulance Service thank you for a donation. Iowa River Hospice thank you for a donation. Unfinished Business: Holiday Happenings: It was suggested that a change in the serving order would make things easier. Several members shared that they heard good comments regarding the meal. President Handorf asked that all folders be returned by the next meeting. Martha Gamble has requested old Christmas cards with pictures of the Holy Family. They may be dropped off at Martha’s home. She will be making special Christmas bulbs using these pictures to be given to each child as they leave the Kids Shopping Day next year. Other Christmas cards are also requested to again be used as name tags. They may be given to any member or brought to the meetings. June Klinefelter sent word that she needs two dozen cookies and two more callers for the January 29, 2013 Blood Drive. Sandy Raum volunteered to make the cookies and Sherry Delfs, Laura Osborn said they would help with the calling. New Business: Shirley Miell said they would again make popcorn and would take it to the Gladbrook School. She also reported that she had hospice cookies and would deliver them. President Handorf read the January Anniversaries and Birthdays. She also suggested that the Club have a card shower for Tanya Richards (John and Pat Clausen’s daughter) who continues to battle with cancer. She needs our prayers and words of encouragement during this difficult time. Sherry Delfs moved that shut-in members be sent a Valentine Day card. Following a discussion, Karen Lage seconded the motion, motion carried. Sherry Delfs reminded the group about the prayer shawls that may be picked up at Gifts of Grace. These shawls are knitted by volunteers and may be given to anyone in need. They are not limited to the Gladbrook community but be given to anyone who has been hospitalized, ill, or need of emotional comfort. President Handorf closed the meeting by reading several quotes on “aging”. They brought much laughter from the group. The next meeting will be February 14, 2013, at Independent Living. JoAnn Ruopp will be the guest speaker on the City Centre. A very tasty lunch was served by the lunch committee consisting of finger sandwiches with several delicious fillings, sweet pickles, nuts coffee or punch.


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