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Christmas Spectacular

December 21, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
On Sunday, December 9th, the first ever Community of Reinbeck “Christmas Spectacular!” was hosted at the United Methodist Church. If you didn’t make it—boy, did you miss a show! The place was packed with over an estimated 250 people! The “Christmas Spectacular!” was directed by two, 16-year-old high school students, Sadie Walton and Shelby Yates. It all started as a crazy idea that neither of could have ever dreamed could come true. However, when the opportunity arose to put our idea into action, it truly became a Christmas miracle! We soon learned that when you add together some true dedication, fantastic help, and wonderful kids, you get a show that lives up to its name—spectacular! Our show consisted of three skits, including 57 kids between the ages of 2-12. We kicked off the show with a special performance of “When Christmas Comes To Town” from The Polar Express, performed by G-R juniors, Alyssa Christopher and Braden Heithoff. Following, came the Preschool-2nd grade skit of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”, which included 22 kids, a special appearance from Santa Claus, and the always fabulous, Janet Schildroth. People got quite the giggle from watching the little ones being their adorable selves! This skit was definitely a crowd pleaser! To keep the laughter going, our favorite entertainers, Alyssa and Braden, came back out to impress the crowd with some “oh, so cheesy” jokes! Next came the reinvented Dr. Seuss version of the classic Dickens story, “A Seussified Christmas Carol”. This skit included 35 kids grades 3rd-7th. From head to toe, this skit rang out Seuss, with the rhyming dialogue, play on words, and eccentric twist on characters! It was clever, witty, and a bundle of joy to watch! The kids especially enjoyed their costumes—and the audience got some smiles out of them, too! No program would be complete without the telling of the true reason for this joyous season. As Sadie Walton narrated “The Nativity Story”, all 57 kids participated in the telling of this age-old story as the acted out the words and an angel choir divine chimed out our favorite, classic Christmas tunes! The skit was so heartwarming, and touched the souls of many as the lights fell down as the angels illuminated the darkness with candlelight as they sang “Silent Night”. To finish off the program, the entire audience joined in for the final verse as our entire cast lined up on the stage and accepted the standing ovation from the phenomenal crowd! What a wonderful way to celebrate this marvelous, most glorious time of the year! Our only wish for this show is that it would fill hearts with a new sense of Christmas joy and be a blessing onto everyone this holiday season. To be a blessing, we knew that we wanted to give back to the community in some way. This is the time of the year to be generous, and so we took up an offering for The Boys and Girls Club of the Cedar Valley. We would’ve never imagined how much money we’d raise—$575.58!!! How unbelievable is that?! We want to thank everyone for supporting our show and all our talented Reinbeck Youth! We also want to thank all our wonderful help—everyone from the cookie donators, set crew, high school and adult helpers, sound and video guys, prop and costume donators, and many, many more! Of course, a very special thanks to the Reinbeck United Methodist, United Church of Christ, and First Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this show, and making our unimaginable dream come true!


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