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Pastoral Reflections Rev. Barb Muhs, pastor, Salem Church of Lincoln Lincoln, Iowa

December 14, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Sunday was a day in which many of us heard about John the Baptist. I’ve always liked John and the way he has been described in scripture, A man who walks to his own drummer in a unique way and who challenges us in every way possible to think outside the box of our faith, A man who is describes as eating locust and wild honey, a man who lived off the land with what was provided for him had a great message for the people to hear. Yes, he was a most unlikely messenger. to twell people to prepare for the coming of the Lord! So it is during Advent, we read his words in scripture to remind us that while John was telling  the people about being baptised for the forgiveness of sin “for the Lord is coming” we too are reminded that we need to pause in the pressure of this season to prepare for the coming of our Lord and Savior, as a child born in the manger. How do we prepare? Lists! It seems that almost everyone has a list, either physical or mental! Most of our lists remind us of things that we need to purchase or people that we need to purchase gifts for. I challange us to think about what John has been and is telling us to do. Prepare our hearts for the coming of the Christ child and then celebrate His presence. This year is the first year in several years my neice will be home for Christmas with her family.. When Ashley  ( and Scotty) arrive they  will have their two young sons with them as well as stories of their travels with as almost three year old and a six month old. Already our instructions have been given out as to what each of us is to bring or do for Christmas. (I usually get “light duty” since it is a busy time of the year at church.) Preparation, anticipation, excitement and joy fill our hearts as we think about our upcoming time together.Our list isn’t the same as what Mary and Joseph had on thier list but we do have One person in common on our list. Jesus! Have we prepared enough for his arrival? Are we ready to take on the challenges he has set before us? Are we open to where He works within us? When we answer the questions with yes. We open ourselves up for Christmas joy all year and that is the best Christmas gift ever!                         


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