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Pastoral Reflections Pastor Bruce Zimmermann, pastor, Christ Lutheran Church Gladbrook, Iowa

November 22, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Michelangelo was a man of unusual artistic ability. One of his most famous works, a statue of Moses, looks so real that a person might almost expect to her the statue say something. In fact, some say that when Michelangelo finished the statue he gave it a final blow with his hammer and said, “Now speak!” With chisel and hammer Michelangelo could turn a block of marble into a work of art. Bur neither he nor anyone else could give it life. Many people wonder, “Where, then, does life come from?” Some answer, “Life started all by itself.” However, an English scientist said that the chances of life starting up all by itself are 400,000 trillion to one. Where, then, does life come from? The Bible says: from “God, the Father, from whom all things came...” (1 Corinthians 8:6). This is why we call God our “Father.” He designed and made dead things like marble and living things like you. Some things, though, are no longer the way God designed them. They have become evil and hurtful. God made all things good. But we by our sins have spoiled so much of God’s handiwork. By our sins we have ruined ourselves. The worse thing is that we can no more make things right ourselves than Michelangelo could change a piece of marble into a living Moses. God our Father can help us and has helped us. Besides being the Source of all life, he is the source of all mercy. In mercy he designed and carried out his great rescue operation of salvation. He sent his only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, to take away our sins. Through his Holy Spirit he adopted us into his family. So we have a double reason to call Jesus’ Father “our Father”. We have much to be thankful for. O Lord our God, you are our Father, the One to whom we can turn in every need. To you we turn now to give thanks for all your gifts and mercy.


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