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Tama Co. Board of Supervisors by: Joyce Wiese

October 1, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
County Engineer Lyle Brehm told Tama County Board of Supervisors Kendall Jordan and Larry Vest, Dan Wilkens absent, Monday morning at the regular meeting of the supervisors, he had received information on a new maintainer. Brehm said this was a model M Catapillar and the price was $231,000 less trade in on the old maintainer. Brehm said a new H Model Catapillar maintainer was not available any longer and the M model was the new version of the H. Brehm said a machine had been brought out and the maintainer operators had a chance to run it and get a feel for it. Brehm felt the machine was far superior to the old model. The new model has a “joy stick” control and many new features. Brehm also told supervisors the asphalt work on Highway D65 is now completed. Guard rails on Highway T55 south of D65 have been removed. Work has been done in the area where guard rails are no longer needed. Brehm stated this would also help with the snow problem. Dirk Henle, Maintenance Supervisor, told supervisors the south steps in front of the courthouse are being removred. Henle says the stone used in 1890 when the south side of the courthouse was added on, has been crumbling and became a hazardous area. In removing the steps they found the under side was extremely bad . Henle told supervisors Jenson Waterproofing out of Vinton, Iowa, are doing the work and cost would be between $30,000 and $35,000. Anamosa stone is being used to replace the steps. The south side of the courthouse is now closed to the public until the project is completed. Windstream Communications, Inc. had permits approved for boring a buried copper telephone cable under Highway E29 in Carroll Township, Section 8. The new cable will replace an existing service drop that is defective and cannot be repaired. The second permit was to bore a buried copper telephone cabale under the bridge on B Avenue, Section 29 in Indian Village Township. This new cable will replace an existing temporary cable that was place during Tama County’s bridge project. Another permit was for Windstream to place a fiber optic cable on Highway E64 starting at Highway 63 and proceed east/southeast to the intersection of 370th Street. Claims approved for the past week came to $350,283.13.



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