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G-R Marching Band By: Shelby Yates

October 1, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
With a fresh start of a new year, there’s a new motto spreading through the band room: “Let’s be AWESOME this year!” Though it’s much too early in the year to say too much, it seems to the band kids that we’re sounding pretty great! After last Friday’s Gladbrook-Reinbeck Homecoming game, that puts three football marching band gigs under our belt of accomplishment. This past Friday night was the first football game that we dressed in our marching uniforms. Yes, we know they aren’t of the most fashionable variety, but man—do we make them look stylish! Only a person of great dignity could march on the field with a pom-pom on their hat and say, “I’m lookin’ good!” Putting the uniforms aside, the music is really starting to sound fantastic! Already this year, people have been saying, ‘Hey, the bands sounding great this year!’ or “Wow! You guys are making a lot of sound for your size!’. Oh, don’t let our size fool you! We’re a band of 18 kids with brute force of bands much larger than us! We’ve pulled out all kinds of new songs, too. You may be familiar with the sitcom show, “Happy Days”, well, we play the theme song! Some of you from the teen generation may be familiar with Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” or “Hot ‘N Cold” by Katy Perry. Ahh, yes! We play popular music from all kinds of eras! Of course, our specialty is the G-R School Song! Why, without us, the school song just wouldn’t be the same! And no game could even start without the playing of our national anthem, which we perform to a superb! Next time you head out into the brisk breeze to enjoy some G-R Rebel football, open your eyes and ears to all the wonderful musical entertainment the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Marching Band is performing for you!


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