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astoral Reflections Rev. Robert P. Doner, pastor, Peace United Church of Christ Gladbrook, Iowa-An October Reflection

October 1, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The fields of corn and beans are rapidly disappearing at the end of September and we now come to the beginning of October. The world is busy, not only the farming community, but for everyone else as well. Not too busy, I would hope, for some reflections and some memories. The year 2012 is already nine months gone, a year among the many rolling years that have come and gone. My dad usually raised corn, with beans and wheat rotated in one of the fields. We had one field of hay. I remember the old-fashioned way of baling hay with the staking of the bales on the hay wagon. It was strenuous work, but fun, because a bunch of us worked together. I also remember that dad often threw pumpkin seeds in with the corn seed. Around this time of year we would go searching through the corn for pumpkins. We would keep several for our own use-especially for Halloween carving-but would gather the rest and set up a roadside stand. Sweet corn and other extra vegetables from our garden area completed the stand. It has always amazed me how many repeat customers we had through the years that I helped with this. One person brought us comic books and children’s records, I remember. And, the first year that we didn’t have a stand I remember another person pulled into the yard, saddened that the stand was no more. All of us have special memories tucked away within us, I suspect. It is, i also suspect, important for us to access those memories as a reminder that life can be more than labor and more than stress. This I find is true when I turn the pages of the Bible to the stories and memories of our ancient faith ancestors, who found encouragement, strength, and joy in them. They usually do for me, too. As we move into fall, take time for memories, take time to reflect, and take time to be thankful!


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