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Tama Co. Board of Supervisors by: Joyce Wiese

September 21, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Monday morning, September 17, Tama County Supervisors, Larry Vest, Kendall Jordan and Dan Wilkens, met with Jeff Heil from Northland Securities, to discuss Tax Increment Financing (TIFF). The Tama County Supervisors had received some information on this plan earlier this year. Heil told them they were getting everything in place and it was now time to start to move forward. Tama County Engineer Lyle Brehm said he had contacted all the municipalities in Tama County, as well as Legrand. So far he has heard back from all but three, Montour, Garwin and LeGrand. It is necessary to have a reply from these three before they can move forward with the TIFF (Tax Increment Financing) plan. Brehm told the group he would estimate he could use five to six million in the alloted time. All this will depend on what the legislature does. If this goes through the county would have three years to spend the bonds. There would be no increase from this in property taxes, most likely some relief. When all have replied, then there will be public hearings to get feed back from all involved. Two pernits were approved. One permit was for REC-TIP to extend power line south on the west side of Highway E64 in Section 17 in Salt Creek township. The other permit was for Poweshiek Water Association to bring water service to 2223 Highway 20. They will bore at the bottom of both road ditches in Carroll Township. The weekly road report states the Bridge Crew is done working on a bridge on 400th Street west of Highway V18. The bridge was in need of pile replacement. They will move on to a bridge on M Avenue north of 210th Street. This is a truss bridge with a truss that is in poor condition. They will use the existing abutments and replace the truss with beams and a timber floor. The Highway D65 project continues. The second lift of asphalt has been placed. Last week the contractor pulled out to complete some other work. They should be back sometime this week th complete the final lift of asphalt. Brehm says the road department budgeted for two new maintainers this year. Brehm has modified this to rebuild two of the existing maiantainers and purchase one new maintainer. One of the maintainers is already complete and the other is already being worked on. They are currently soliciting quotes for one new maintainer. Brehm says he has received some quotes this morning but has not had time to study them. He did say there was quite a difference in two of the quotes. Brehm told supervisors he had budgeted for a new mower tractor. He will be working to obtain the new tractor for delivery in the spring. Last week Bob Etzel with Tama County Conservation asked to have the LAD deposits from Ike’s Tract fees be deposited in the LAD account as they are collected. Since Auditor Laura Kopsa was absent last week, she reported to supervisor that the Auditors office and Etzel had agreed on this plan. Claims presented for approval of payment for the past week came to $1,192,227.97.


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