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GMG Journalism Class

September 21, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
GMG Attendants by Justice Dannen Congratulations to the GMG homecoming attendants! The freshmen are Jacob Burt who will be escorting Mattison Vaske. Jacob’s parents are Allen and Dee Burt. Mattison’s parents are Stephanie and Matt DeSchamp and Jeremy Vaske. The sophomores are Lane Williams who will be escorting Elee Edwards. Lane’s parents are Brent and Trisha Williams. Elee’s parents are Brad and Toni Edwards. The juniors are Gage Fraser who will be escorting Codi Groth. Gage’s parents are Traci Zoffka and Shawn Fraser. Codi’s parents are Lee Wegner-Groth and David Groth.

GMG Dance Team By: Cheyenne Wurr The GMG Dance Team is dancing Wednesday night at 7 p.m. They’re dancing to a mix tape called “All Creatures of our God and King” by Chri Drury. The coaches are Angie Claassen and Traci Fraser. 7 girls are dancing at coronation because the rest are on court. There are 11 girls out for dance team. Kayla Karns, Samantha Aman, Mikaella Koster, Tristan Zoffka, Codi Groth, Peyton Mannan, Aspen Brown, Jennifer Borota, Elee Edwards, Tabytha Teube, and Michele Teube. Have a great time dancing!

GMG School Pictures by Gage Fraser On September 24, GMG High School will be having pictures taken. Pictures will be taken by Lifetouch in the gymnasium. Packets for pictures will be in the office. Pictures are in the morning, so come dressed well and have that award winning smile. Let’s have a blast getting our pictures taken!

GMG Homecoming Dance by: Justice Dannen On Saturday, Sept. 22, GMG is having a homecoming dance. They will be having pictures before the dance at 6:45 at the Catholic Social Center in Garwin. Wayne’s Photography will be taking the pictures. The dance starts at 8:00 at the old grocery store on Main St. in Garwin. It costs $5 for singles and $8 for couples. The music will be done by Craig Van Vark, who is the owner of Soundsations. Hopefully, the entire senior high from GMG attends the dance and is ready to dance the night away!

GMG Loses to Grundy Center by Grant Day GMG lost to Grundy Center on Friday, September 14th. The game was help in Grundy Center. GMG’s only scorer was Junior, Luke Petty. Grundy’s lead scorers were Junior Bryce Moats, and Senior Dylan Lyman, both scoring 12. The final score of the game was GMG-6, Grundy Center-43.

Pack the Gym by: Justin Welton There is a volleyball game coming up. During that game will be “Pack the Gym” night! It will be held Tuesday, September 25, at the Garwin Secondary. The class that shows up with the most students from their grade will win $25!! Good luck to the volleyball girls, and may the best class win!

Ms. Waddell Splashes into GMG by Brittney Everts Ms. Farren Waddell is a very interesting woman. She is the new art teacher for the GMG Secondary School and the Elementary. She enjoys art and teaching kids to be creative. Ms. Waddell attended school at Iowa Western Community College. She went there for 2 years and then went to UNI for 3 years. She went to school for a music major then switched to an art major. Ms. Waddell is enjoying it here. She said it is the best place for her to start teaching. She enjoys all the students and the staff. She is getting married on October 6, 2012, and she is very excited about this life changing event. Her new name is going to be Mrs.Johnson. We would like to welcome, Ms. Waddell to GMG!

The Indian and Wolverines War by Austin Ridout Last weeks battle was waged between the mighty Wolverines and the Clarksville Indians. The Indians came prepared with an arsenal of spikes, sets and serves. Through out the showdown, the Indians held a defiant lead. They held the lead through out all the games to win 3-0. We hope to take this loss and prepare a new battle strategy and win the next one.



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