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Pastoral Reflections Rev. Barb Muhs, pastor, Salem Church of Lincoln Lincoln, Iowa

September 21, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
“Junior” Walking along the highway Jon and I listened to the wrestling of the dry corn stalks. I don’t ever remember them being as loud as they were on this day. Perhaps they were trying to scream at us to get our attention, perhaps they were clapping their “hands” in celebration of a cooler day that followed a nice rain, perhaps God was getting our attention and letting us know that the beauty of creation can be heard as well as seen. So… we listened and we heard. 1) A hum from the local elevator with the motor running. From the hum we recognized all the farmers who depend to the elevator. 2) A semi whose engine reved as the driver prepared to load corn. 3) Dry corn hitting the sides of the bin. Ah! the sounds of fall. Children were riding their bikes, following each other in laughter, as they ride and jump off their bikes for a chance to swing at the park we are reminded of the joy of youth. Continuing on our walk we see some people gardening, pondering we ask ourselves the questions: How many quarts of tomatoes, pickles, green beans and we know in our hearts and minds that come winter this produce will taste oh so good. Arriving back at the manse we sit on the front steps reflecting on our walk and discussing how God knows just when to open our eyes to see joy and beauty around us. How God know s when to slow us down to listen in both nature and our lives. Unfortunately we, humans, forget the importance of listening to what God has and does provide for us. Our nature is to get wrapped up in the worldly pulls in our lives and forget or ignore what God has provided. Too much of good societal living leaves us with worry, stress, and searching for ways to survive in our world. wrote, “consider the Lilies of the field, they neither toil nor spin even Solomon in his finery was not arrayed like one of these…but seek first the Kingdom of God.” (Matthew 6) As fall continues to grace us with the beauty of color and all the brisk air to breath I invite you to listen, to breath, to see the beauty God provides to slow us down so we can appreciate God’s gifts to us through nature. Through these gifts may we hear God’s provisional life for us!


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