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Message from our Mayor

September 14, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The following is a letter I received from a life-long Gladbrook resident on their thoughts about our town.

“There is no doubt in my mind Gladbrook is alive and growing. A record number of homes have been sold in our town in the last couple months. I’m counting six for sure and in driving around I notice another being updated on Edgeland St. There are only a few houses left to be sold and wouldn’t it be nice to see another new addition. We, as a community, should be very proud of our accomplishments. Most recently, a brand new water tower and several have mentioned they now have better water and a lot more water pressure. I don’t think there are many towns, our size, who can boast about a theater, civic centre, Match Stick Marvels, museum, bank, newspaper, insurance, real estate, attorney, doctor offices, nursing home, independent living, bowling alley, fitness center, swimming pool, football field, grocery store, auto parts, tire store, implement, gift shops, coffee shops, restaurants, lounge, tavern, barber, styling, tanning, child care, lumber, hardware, heating, cooling, auto dealers, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, Farm Center, Co-op, construction companies, manufacturing, convenience store, diesel and gas pumps, storage units, Memorial Building, churches, library, school new day care and preschool all above standard. Outstanding fire and ambulance volunteer crews. An Investment Corp responsible for all the town houses and condo’s. Corn Carnival Corp, who’s efforts bind the community and bring thousands of people to our town. Organizations, so numerous, I can’t begin to mention all of them. Most of our homes offer excellent curb appeal, unfortunately, some back yards and alleys and a few front yards could use some improvement. The City has some clean up projects, tree trimming and mowing which we will be starting in the near future. I would like to have a clean up day (days) scheduled soon where all unwanted items could be picked up and hauled away. I’m hoping some strong high school students might be looking for a service project and may be willing to help with this along with some of our ever so willing adult recruits with pick-ups. Please give me some feed back on this project and if we can count on your help. Gladbrook’s slogan “Alive and Growing” fits us better now than ever.”

I agree with everything that is said in this letter and thank the sender. The only thing they forgot to mention was the city park and the post office. We need to sit down and assess what we have here in Gladbrook and be very thankful for those citizens of Gladbrook who have seen fit to invest their time, money and talent in keeping this an “Alive and Growing” community. Your City Council also takes the responsibility of keeping Gladbrook “Alive and Growing” very seriously. They have started to have work sessions on the future of Gladbrook looking out 5, 10, 20 years beyond as to what will be the needs to keep our town a great place to live and for the future generations to have a place called home. The town is no different than your house. It takes constant upkeep, repair, and sometimes replacement. Just as your home may need a new roof or furnace of which you have to plan and budget for, the city has to plan for street, sewer, and water needs in the future. Just as all the businesses mentioned in the letter have invested in Gladbrook’s future, your city council is planning for the future and will continue to study and plan to make wise and long lasting decisions in the best direction for Gladbrook in keeping this an “Alive and Growing” community. Thanks everyone for your help in the past, present, and future. Keith Sash, Mayor



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