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GMG Journalism Class

September 7, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
GMG Homecoming Shirt By: Brittney Everts The GMG cheerleaders are selling GMG 2012 Homecoming T Shirts. The money for these shirts are due this Friday, September 7, 2012. T-Shirts are $11, Long-Sleeved Shirts are $15, and Sweatshirts are $26. Checks are made out to GMG. Send the check to the office at the secondary school, or find a GMG Cheerleader to pay for the clothing! Purchase a t-shirt, wear it to the game, and come support the Football team during the homecoming game against Belle Plaine on Friday, September 21!

AGWSR Beats GMG By: Grant Day GMG lost to AGWSR Friday, August 31th at Ackley. GMG’s top scorer was Junior Luke Petty, scoring 12, and Junior Austin Vaughn, scoring 2. AGWSR’s head scorer was Junior Austin Heitland, scoring 13 out of the total 49. Junior Luke Petty also leads in most tackles, 13. Lead rusher was Senior Blake Warren, rushing a total of 84 yards. Final score of the game: GMG-14, AGWSR-49.

GMG Homecoming Activities By: Kohleah Harris Homecoming is rapidly approaching and as you all know homecoming comes with fun activities. Homecoming week is September 17th-22! We will be working on the floats on September 17th. Our Football game will be held at home field against Belle Plaine. Our parade theme is “Candyland”. Our dress up activities are as follows: starting on Tuesday the 18th is Hick Day along with Ruff’n Tuff volleyball (Fresh Vs. Seniors) then Soph vs Juniors. We will also be doing the pyramid competition. On Wed. the 19th will be opposite sex day along with the lip sync. On Thursday the 20th is Superhero Day along with Ruff’n Tuff Consolation Volleyball and Wacky Relay. Finally, on Friday the 21st is SPIRIT DAY!!! Dress up in black silver and blue. We will also be doing the Ruff’n Tuff volleyball Championship,Tug ‘o War, and Awarding prizes of spirit day. We hope the GMG students participate in these fun activities.

GMG Volleyball Faces Two Teams by Austin Ridout On August 30, 2012 the mighty Wolverine volleyball girls took on two opposing teams. In the first scuffle the GMG girls went up against Cedar Valley Christian. However, despite the immense amount of effort, it was to no avail, and the Wolverines lost 0-2. The second match was a close battle with Valley Lutheran. At the end the of the battle, when the smoke cleared, it was revealed that the Wolverines had come out triumphant against Valley Lutheran with a score of 2-1. We hope the mighty Wolverines continue their efforts and win many victorious matches!



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