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September 6, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
A report of the Tama County Farm Bureau Candidate Forum in Tama which  appeared in the Aug. 31 issue said none of the three candidates for Tama County supervisor posts was calling for county employees to participate in paying a portion of their health insurance premiums. None of the candidates advocated this. However, it was learned last Friday the vast majority of employees not covered by labor union contracts do indeed contribute toward their health insurance according to Susan Jones, county insurance administrator. A total of 76 full-time county employees spent a combined amount of $21,180 on health insurance out of their own pockets in fiscal 2011-12 according to the Tama County Treasurer’s Office. A payment of $30 monthly enabled employees with family plans to reduce their deductible from $1,000 to $500. A payment of $15 monthly resulted in a reduction from $500 deductible to $250 for single employees. The 30-some road department employees and eight E911 dispatchers who are union members are not eligible to participate in the deductible buy down. In fiscal 2011-12 the county had a total of 122 full-time employees. This includes three landfill and two economic development employees which are technically employed by separate county commissions. Last year Tama County paid a total of $1,748,640 into its self-funded health insurance coverage plan for the employee health coverage. A total of $1,737,885 was paid out for re-insurance and claims.



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