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G-R School Board by: Marcy Knaack

August 27, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
By Marcy Knaack Thursday evening the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board met and approved the 2013-14 school calendar for the Cedar Valley West, as have Grundy Center and A-P. Classes will start on August 21st, which will be after the State Fair as several families had requested. The last day of classes will be May 30th with graduation to fall on Memorial Day weekend. There will be spring break the 1st week of March. The 2nd reading of the following board polices were read and approved: 506.1 Student Records Access; 506.2 Student Directory Information; and 704-2R1 Post-Issuance Compliance Regulation for Tax Exempt Obligations. The 1st reading of board policy 507.9 Wellness was read with revisions made. The board approved the purchase of a 2009 white Silverado pickup for $19,000. The 1997 Dodge Cargo van was traded in for $300. Written reports were given on summer school classes held. Lindsay Erickson had 18 students in the reading/math program at Gladbrook. There were five 30-minute sessions, 4th grade math, 3rd & 4th grade reading, 3rd grade math, 1st & 2nd grade math and K & 1st reading. The four-day week/4 weeks schedule was a very successful format. Daily attendance and individual participation levels by the attendees were excellent. Nancy Gardner and Diane Staker were instructors at Reinbeck Elementary and had a total of 29 students in grades kindergarten through fourth in June and July. Sessions were one hour long with time being split between reading and math. A team teaching format was implemented this year which allowed teachers to work with individuals as well as smaller groups. All the instructors commended the families who were willing to give up their time to send their child to summer school. Supt. Tim Kuehl reviewed the AYP report (Adequate Yearly Progress) for grades 3-5, 6-8 and 11th. Grades 3-5 and 6-8 missed the AYP and Kuehl said the staff and administrators will work diligently to improve their student achievement numbers. High School Principal Matt Leeman said there will be some changes at the high school this year. First, there will not be any study halls for this school year and P.E. will now be daily for all students, but those involved in Chorus. There will still be a study hall for 9th & 10th graders who are not earning a C- or higher during homeroom with Leeman and grades are to be updated weekly by teachers. Kyla Kiburis will be doing transition work with the 9th graders during homeroom time for the year, doing a variety of activities with them to help them get acclimated to being in high school. Any 11th & 12th graders who are in the same category for grades will also lose Open Campus on a daily basis until the grade is raised back up. If 11th & 12th graders do not report as expected due to their grades, then they risk losing Open Campus completely after 3 times of violating this. Students who are on Open Campus must leave the building during this time and cannot loiter in the building. The High School will move ahead with Bloomboard. This program will take the evaluation process and tracking of teacher’s goals and make it web-based. Leeman said there are currently 18 students per trimester signed up for VREP for this school year. He said he will be starting that course and giving the students direction on what they will need to complete based upon if this is their first Trimester or second Trimester with it. Chad Bixby is helping Leeman with the Student Tech Committee and is looking at having a Student/Staff P.D. day similar to the one held last spring. Gladbrook campus principal Brian Williams talked about Professional Learning Communities, Middle School Enrichment Classes, Second Chance Reading, Response to Intervention and Teaming. Williams said the first two days of classes went very well and is looking forward to this year. Tom Quinn was hired to drive the bus route out of the Gladbrook campus, formerly Ruth Parsons’ route. He was also hired to drive the athletic shuttle route out of the Gladbrook campus. Kyle Formanek was hired as high school social studies instructor and junior class sponsor, replacing Evan Schulte who resigned July 31st. Mr. Formanek is a recent graduate of UNI. Danielle Lujan was hired as special education associate at the high school. Her salary will be $8.80/hour and will work 6.5 hours/day. Lujan also serves as assistant volleyball and softball coach. Soccer and baseball sportsmanship ratings were shared with the board. Summer projects are completed with WBC putting a few finishing touches on the high school boilers. Concrete work at Gladbrook was finished last week. PCI will be removing the stumps from the shrubs at the Reinbeck Elementary and preparing the ground for seeding at a cost to be no more than $2,800. The next regular meeting will be Thursday, September 20th, 6:30 p.m. in Reinbeck with new staff members to be introduced. The next work session will be Wednesday, October 10, 5:30 p.m. in Gladbrook


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