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71st Flag Raising Ceremony held for the opening of new school year

August 17, 2012
Northern-Sun Print

The 71st annual flag raising at the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School, Gladbrook Campus, was held on Wed., Aug. 15th. The service is sponsored by the Gladbrook American Legion Auxiliary. Gladbrook Auxiliary Vice-President Trudi Scott coordinated the service.

Trudi's patriotic message included: "We gather around the flagpole today for a very old tradition. For 71 years we have been meeting in this very same spot on the first day of school. For over 20 years I've been here as a student and a guest. Oh, and I suppose for you students, I guess in your eyes that would make me pretty old. It is a wonderful tradition for us that on the first day of school we raise the flags in honor of our great country.

The flag of red, white, and blue is an icon for the place we live, the United States of America. These colors represent all that our county is. The 50 stars represents the 50 states, the 13 stripes represents the first 13 colonies that started our country. The white on the flag signifies purity and innocence, the red symbolizes courage and the blue stands for perseverance and determination. These colors have always been a symbol of America.

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Class of 2025
The new Kindergarten Class of the Gladbrook Elementary stopped for this picture after the 71st Flag Raising ceremony held on the first day of school Wed., Aug. 15 at the Gladbrook Campus. Pictured along with the graduating class of 2025 are new Gladbrook campus principal Brian Williams, left behind students, and Nicole Creswell, Kindergarten teacher.

As Americans we have privileges, rights and responsibilities. As a student it is your privilege to attend school and you have the privilege to choose that school. We have the right to freedom of speech, and when you get older you have the right to vote to elect our countries leaders. We have laws that protect us all equally and it is our responsibility to obey those rules. As Americans it's important to remember that it is our responsibility to make our country a better place to live for all of us.

Yes, we are very lucky to be Americans with all our privileges and freedoms. We must always remember to be thankful and honor the men and women who have protected our country. I wish you all a very fun school year."

Gladbrook Legionnaire Terry Schmitz presented the USA & POW flags and Gladbrook Auxiliary President Jeanne Paustian presented the Iowa flag to Principal Brian Williams. A color-guard of Legionnaires including Dick Denbow, Roger Sievers, Leo Lohse, and Carroll Wegner, and Auxiliary members, Jolene Denbow and Jodi Betts, stood at attention as the flags were raised by Gladbrook Jr. Auxiliary members, Abby Smith, Sasha Nagle, and Katy Thompson. The National Anthem was sung by G-R special education instructor Cassie Wheeler followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pastor Barb Muhs of the Salem Church, was the guest speaker. She stated, "As you begin your first day at G-R there is much to celebrate. Today you will experience a new class-room, a new teacher, a new principal, and yes, you will make new friends. Your subjects will be familiar to you. Spelling, geography, math, history, reading, P.E., music, and art. Throughout the year these classes will challenge you, they won't always be easy to understand and at times you will grow frustrated and ask yourself if it is really worth all the effort. I assure you all of your effort and learning will pay off if you try your best and give your classes all the energy that I know you have.

School is about learning, it is about becoming a good citizen, it is about making YOU proud of YOURSELF while learning about how to work with friends and teachers. School is about developing who YOU are with your talents, abilities, your gifts and yeseven figuring out how you can be a part of the wider community in which you live.

When I taught school (music) I always wanted my students to be the best that they could be. I wanted them to sing songs that they enjoyed, I wanted them to learn new sing songs that made them learn new words, but most importantly, I wanted my students to achieve success and never give up. I wanted students to learn that respect is something to be given not just to teacher and adults, rather it was important to respect each other at all times. I wanted S.T.A.R. students. It was not easy to be a S.T.A.R. in the classroom. In order to be a S.T.A.R. a student had to accomplish four things in both behavior and academics.

S: a student must stop,

T: a student must think

A: a student must act

R: a student must review

When you take the time to STOP, breath deep and then look at a situation you are in, or if you stop and look hard at your work you might find errors, but you will also know the importance of calming down both mentally and physically.

When you THINK about what you are doing or what you are saying you will become more aware of the people around you and make good choices, or if you are struggling with your work you think about how to best remember how your teacher taught you.

When you ACT you will respond with the answer (hopefully correctly) or know when it is time to help someone.

REVIEW Your teachers tell you to proof read, double check your answers and yes, at times they ask you if you have behaved in a way that is acceptable.

These are just four easy steps for you to follow throughout the year to be the students that we celebrate at G-R!

This is a day to be proud, this is a day to say that you are proud to be a G-R Rebel. This is a day to celebrate the person that you are. There are many people who are not standing here with you today but who are with you in your mind, in your hearts and are with you in spirit who wish for you a school year of growing and learning. Who are praying that you become the best person that you can be. Many of these people will help you with homework, they will attend your concerts, read your name in the paper, see you at church, in town or at the store. YOU are their STAR. Today is about learning! It is about sharing who you are with other people.

As you begin your school year grasp onto the S.T.A.R. reach the degree of 212 and let your energy take you to a new place of learning and success. Say please and thank you, excuse me, and I'm sorry. Listen carefully, speak boldly and remember that NO ONE has failed when they try and give their best.

I pray that each day is a day of growth, a day of success and that time at school teaches you what it means to be the best citizen, the best student that you can be and while you are at G-R you will become students that achieve new heights and experiencing what it means to be talented and gifted, compassionate and caring.

Have a great year and may you know the blessings of being the special people that you areThe future of our country."

Gladbrook Elementary & Middle School Principal Brian Williams thanked the Gladbrook Auxiliary for hosting the very meaningful patriotic service. He thanked Pastor Muhs for the inspirational message. Principal Williams concluded by thanking our veterans, parents, and community members that attended.

Welcome back to school, G-R Rebels!!!!!!!



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