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G-R Happenings By: Supt. Tim Kuehl

August 10, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Happy August! School resumes shortly for G-R students, on August 15th. Please try to attend your student’s orientation and/or open house; 3rd grade orientation is on August 13. Open House for the district, along with 5th and 9th grade orientations are on August 14th. 1:1 Computer Rollout for high school students will also be on August 14th. A parent needs to be in attendance at the 1:1 Rollout to sign paperwork for their student. If you haven’t completed registration for your student(s) please do so soon. Needed forms are available on-line at, or you can contact your student’s office. I’m excited to get the year underway. We’ve added several new staff members to the district. Please take the time to welcome them to G-R as you have the opportunity. As always, if you have any questions about your child’s education throughout the year please contact your child’s teacher first and the principal as needed. We want the school year to be enjoyable and challenging for each of our students. I can always be contacted via email at:, or in the office at: 319-345-2712. Thank you in advance for the tremendous support that the G-R parents, students, and communities show our students and staff. Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL): September 11 and the vote to extend the $0.67 are fast approaching. To date I have not fielded many questions or concerns regarding the upcoming vote. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the PPEL please contact me, or a Board Member and we’ll listen and answer questions to the best of our abilities. A quick recap of the VPPEL: PPEL funds can and will be used for facilities improvements and technology purchases. These funds cannot be used to pay district personnel. Likely projects include: Middle School 1:1 Initiative K-12 technology purchases Fluorescent lights in Gladbrook lunchroom Water softener systems Replacing windows with high efficiency models HVAC upgrades, primarily controls Remodeling the old gym and locker rooms at the high school Updating ceiling tiles in all buildings Remodeling the soccer restrooms Update restrooms in buildings Repair and replacement of concrete in parking areas Resurfacing playground areas Roof maintenance Bus Barn at the Gladbrook Campus Asbestos abatement As you can see, there is plenty to do with the approximately $130,000/year generated by the $0.67/1000 VPPEL. Approval of the VPPEL would maintain taxes for the school at their current level. In FY 2013 that number is $11.13172/$1000. The taxes in the G-R district are among the lower rates in the State. Tax Rates at G-R: FY 09 - $11.63 FY 10 - $12.11 FY 11 - $13.59 FY 12 - $12.14 FY 13 - $11.13 With valuations on the rise and enrollment, hopefully, stabilizing, tax rates should be steady at the current rate, to slightly declining over the next several years. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the VPPEL vote on September 11, 2012, please contact me, tim.kuehl@gr-rebels, 319-345-2712 so that we can discuss your thoughts.

Sincerely, Tim Kuehl, Superintendent.



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