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Message From Our Mayor

August 10, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Summer is almost gone, State Fair starts this week and school starts next week.  It will be nice to get rid of some of this heat but it won’t be long and we will be complaining about the cold. I want to congratulate all of the 4-H kids who showed their projects and talent at this year’s County Fair.  You all represented our community well.  Congratulations on another years hard work.  A special congratulation goes to Claire Reinhard on becoming the 2012 Tama County Queen.  Claire will do a great job of representing our town and Tama County this next year.  Congratulations to Claire.  Did you know that Claire is the 4th Tama County Queen in a row from the Gladbrook Guys and Gals 4-H Club.  This shows what great quality of leaders we have in this area and the outstanding job parents and people do in guiding the young people and developing them into outstanding citizens for the future. It seems like there is always something new that we need to do here in Gladbrook to keep us “Alive and Growing.”  Our next great need does not cost money but we are in dire need of volunteers for the Gladbrook Ambulance Squad.  As everyone knows we have a great dedicated crew now but in the next 1 to 2 years we could lose our ability to meet the emergency needs here in Gladbrook. Darrell and Jeanne Paustain and Gene Seda have served for 40 years on the squad and all three are getting very close to retiring.  One can not say enough about their dedication and the time commitment that they have given to all of us.  They deserve a rest. We lost John Bereczki from the squad when he and Carolyn moved outside the area and along with a couple of other members who had other commitments and had to resign.  With the loss of these squad members, the Gladbrook Ambulance Service is in real danger of having to reduce local service. We have three or four options as I see it.  I’ll try to list them in order of best to worst in my mind.  First, and by far the best is to enlist several new volunteers to the squad.  The more volunteers, the less time a person has to be on call.  If we had a squad of 15 to 20 members, the time commitment would be greatly reduced.  We have plenty of money in the bank for ambulance service but we need people who have the ability to serve and are willing to make this large commitment.  Second, we could go to a full time paid squad leader with a volunteer group under him/her.  This is not nearly as good as our first option because the paid position would only cover about one third of the time needed and would cost about $50,000 to $75,000. Third, we could go to a First Responder Squad.  This is better than nothing.  The First Responders require a lot less training then what we have now but there are a lot more restrictions in the service that they can do.  First Responders could work along side either of the above options.  Fourth, and by far the worst option would be to disband the local service and rely on Marshalltown to send an ambulance.  Here are the major disadvantages of this option:  1. Time to respond  2.  They don’t leave Marshalltown if there is bad weather and 3.  They have 3 ambulances so if two of these are on call the third one must stay in Marshalltown. Folks, I have had to use the Gladbrook Ambulance on more than one occasion and there is not a better sound than that of our squad at the door when you need help.  Time is of the utmost importance when you need their help. I know that every one of us is busy and I know that some of us are not capable of doing this job, but if anyone could help us with this service, please step forward.  If you have not had a family member or a friend who had needed this service you are one of the very lucky ones.  By donating your time for this service you might save someone’s life and that person might be very close to you. Remember, just a few people can and will make a lot of difference in the protection of our community.  We ask for a lot of our volunteers but there is nothing more important than our Ambulance and Fire Squads.  Please think hard on whether you are capable of doing this great service. 

Keith Sash, Mayor    



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