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Ike’s Tract to Reopen

July 28, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The Izaak Walton Shooting Facility located 2.5 miles west of Toledo will be reopening soon. Interested persons should be aware the facility will be managed differently under a new set of rules. The popular shooting facility has been closed since April 5, the result of escalating problems at the facility. “The Ike’s Tract is slated to reopen on Friday, August 3.,” reports Bob Etzel, Director, Tama County Conservation Board. “Before being allowed to use the facility a person will be required to sign a range use agreement and pay an annual user fee.” The new range rules are the result of the work of a committee consisting of nearby landowners, responsible shooters and representatives of the County Conservation Board. “We appreciate all the different parties joining together on the committee to draft new rules that reflect the intent that only responsible shooters are welcome to use the range,” adds Etzel. “The change in management and implementation of new rules is aimed at returning the facility to its original intended use and to provide a safe and neighborhood friendly facility where responsible shooters can hone skills and share the joys and challenges of safe shooting sports with our youth while developing skills for hunting.” A “Sign-Up” meeting will be held on Thursday, August 2, at the Tama County Nature Center, Otter Creek Lake and Park. The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m.. All persons interested in shooting at the facility are required to attend the meeting to receive an updated explanation of the new rules and how to safely use the range, pay the range use fee, sign a responsibility agreement and be issued a gate key and range use card for the facility. Ike’s Tract Shooting Range Rules •This is a RESTRICTED USE FACILITY. To legally use this facility and shooting range with a firearm or a bow a person must paid the annual user fee, signed a range use agreement for this facility, been issued a range use card and an entry gate key by the Tama County Conservation Board. Contact the Tama County Conservation Board at (641) 484-2231 or tccb@tamacounty.orgto acquire the proper permit. •State and Federal laws apply to the range. •Park hours (i.e. Range Hours) will be Monday through Saturday, 8:00am to sunset or 8 p.m. (whichever occurs first) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. It will be a violation of state law to be present on the facility outside of these hours. •It is mandatory that ear and eye protection be worn by everyone at or near the firing stations. •No fully automatic weapons, bump style or similar auto type action will be allowed to be used at the range. Bump firing is the act of using the recoil of a semi-automatic firearm to fire multiple shots in rapid succession. •Armor piercing, incendiary, tracer, chemical and explosive projectiles, or devices designed to fire or propel explosive, incendiary, or chemical projectiles are prohibited. •All firearms shooting a single projectile, and shotguns shooting shot #5 or larger, will be discharged from one of the firing stations/benches. Shotguns using #6 shot or smaller can be used for shooting clay pigeons. Single projectiles and shot #5 or larger are to impact the earthen berm in front of the firing station. •Firearms shall be discharged from the firing stations. Firearms may be discharged adjacent to the benches from the ground in the prone, sitting and standing positions. All firearms discharged shall be fired in an easterly direction only. •Only paper targets shall be allowed. Shotgun shooters may shoot clay pigeons. Shooters are required to use their own target holders. The target frame will be constructed so that when the paper target is attached, the bottom of the target will be one inch higher (37”) than the top of the shooting benches at the range. •No shooting of objects on the ground or in trees is allowed. •No cross-range shooting is allowed. •No target is to be placed atop the earthen berms. Firing at any target placed atop the earthen berm will result in automatic revocation of the shooter’s annual permit to use the facility. •No single projectile fired from a firearm shall have a trajectory the earthen berm. A violation of this rule will result in automatic revocation of the shooter’s annual permit to use the facility.. •No person under 18 is allowed to discharge a firearm without the direct supervision of an adult shooter authorized to use this range. •All shooters must coordinate amongst themselves before going down-range to place, retrieve, change or tend to targets. •Shooters are responsible for picking up their paper targets and spent cartridges/shells and placing them in the garbage cans provided. •Target shooting with bow and arrow is allowed in the mowed area immediately north of the parking lot. Arrows are to be shot to the north only. •No drugs or alcohol or persons under the influence are allowed on the range property; this includes the parking area. •When someone is shooting clay pigeons or shooting trap no other people will be allowed to use the range. If a shooter who desires to shoot clay pigeons arrives while others are using the range the trap shooter must wait for the range to clear before beginning to shoot. •All shooters must sign in at the log in station upon their arrival and before commencing firing at the range.


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