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Gladbrook City Council By Marcy Knaack

July 13, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Monday evening the Gladbrook City Council approved having a golf cart ordinance and discussed considerations that should be included in the ordinance.  Some of the considerations would be the operator have a valid driver’s license, the operator must be 18 years or older, the cart needs a slow moving vehicle triangle, an orange bicycle flag 8 ft. in the air, cart can be operated from sunrise to sunset and there would be no exception for carts with headlights, operator would be subject to all traffic laws, yearly registration would be $35 and the application would need council approval. The registration will be automatically cancelled upon sale of a registered cart, the City and/or Tama Co. Law Enforcement may revoke permit in event of repeated violations, following a notice and opportunity for a hearing, carts will be considered motor vehicles not to be driven on sidewalks or through the grass and will be parked in the street or in parking lots, carts shall be equipped with a mirror to provide driver adequate vision from behind.  City Attorney John Livingston will include these considerations and others in an ordinance for the council to approve at their August meeting. There have been several requests from city residents to have an outdoor water meter that would not have a sewer charge included when water is used for watering lawns, gardens and trees. Water Board member Mark Fink said the Water Board had discussed this at their regular meeting and it was there decision not to allow these outdoor meters. He stated concerns of shallow wells and the water supply is limited due to the very dry conditions the past several months. Fink said the average daily water usage is between 75000 – 78000 gallons but there were four days last week when the usage was in excess of 140,000 gallons. Tammy Burton visited with the council about an excessive water bill due to an outside hydrant getting turned on with a leaking hose. The Council voted to forgive the sewer portion on the overrun. Sheriff Dennis Kucera reported 193.25 hours spent within the city limits of Gladbrook during the month of June. Hours were up due to extra manpower due to Corn Carnival. There were 27 calls for service. Kucera asked the Carnival committee to address changing the location of the fireworks if possible due to traffic control on Highway 96. Mayor Keith Sash asked that the cost be presented at the August meeting for fixing the water problem in the ditch by Joyce Bruene so the work can be completed yet this fall. Resolution No. 13-03 for pay application #9 to Maguire Iron for $57,000 for the water tower was approved as was resolution No. 13-04 for pay application #9 to S L Baumeier for water mains for the water improvement project for $13,547.09 with $12,000 being paid to Municipal Street for street repairs that were caused by work on the water mains. Two bills to CGA Engineering were approved; they were $1,650 for utility mapping and $3,093 for contract administration and construction observation. Windstream DOT asked for a right-of-way permit for boring a line within the city right away, starting from their building on main street. Approval was given but the mayor’s signature will be withheld as there are several issues to be addressed with WIndstream and needing approval to the city’s satisfaction. The Council will hold a work session at 8 am Saturday, August 18th to do some long-range planning. The next regular meeting will be Monday, August 13th at 7 p.m .


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