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The Gladbrook-Lincoln Community Vacation Bible School Soars with God! “Sky: Everything Is Possible with God!”

July 6, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook-Lincoln Community Vacation Bible School met from June 11th through June 15th at the United Methodist Church of Gladbrook. The program, called “Sky”, met from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There were sixty children registered for VBS and they were a wonderful group of excited kids from around the area. “Sky” was a program whose theme blended two basic biblical thoughts-that for God nothing is impossible and, therefor, all things are possible for us through Jesus; and, as Isaiah said, “Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” And, in watching the children, one had to be impressed with the incredible enthusiasm they showed whether they were studying their stories, engaged in science or art projects, or learning their songs. They were running and weren’t weary! With that in mind one delightful memory was watching the children learn the theme song which included motions mimicking the flight of eagles. The children had to spread out so as to not bump their neighbors with their “wings.” This required much jostling around, giggling, and the like. But soon they “got it”; and the song came alive! So much so that after the kids sang the song to close their program at Westbrook Acres, one of the residents said, “Is that all? I can’t wait to hear them again next year!” Infusing the joy in the music was Laura Bru, our Song Leader. Others who pitched in were the clergy. Rev. Robert Doner served as “tech person”, greeter, and general “gofer”; Rev. Roger White and Rev. Barbara Muhs jumped in to help wherever they could, most notably in teaching aspects. That was because the planning for the VBS program envisioned about 35 to 45 children; in the final days before VBS began 32 had pre-registered. The day of registration was to have been smooth-but then the kids came, and came, and came...and a whole additional class had to set up rather quickly. That is where Rev. White and Muhs responded so wonderfully. Every day began with the gathering of an offering at the front door of the church where a baby crib stood complete with a baby doll wrapped in her blanket, sleeping contentedly under a mosquito net stretched over the crib. The children learned that their offering was to purchase netting for the children of Mali, in Africa, where malaria from mosquito bites brings great suffering and even death. And so, as the children gave their offering, they were allowed to attach a plastic mosquito clip on the net. Through their generosity the children gathered $ 166.00 or the equivalent of 27 specially treated nets large enough to cover two children. The rest of the time was devoted to Bible lessons, crafts, games, science projects and learning their music. Guiding the children was a great team, anchored by Beth Murty and Claire Reinhard. Helpers included: Rebecca and Rachel Franksain, Madeline Mussig, Katy Thompson and Jake Moore. And, of course-snack time! Through the loving gifts of cookies, bars, and juice provided by members of the four churches, the kids really had a feast! We thank all of the churches and their members for their generosity in this regard-and especially the volunteers from the churches who helped with the snacks. Among those who were servers: Kathy Vavroch, Jodi Betts, Judy Widmayer and Kay Lowry. A real super group of ladies! We also thank Westbrook Acres, who provided the kids with hot dogs and chips for a dinner treat before the children sang their songs for the residents on Friday! The children loved singing for the residents-and they also loved performing for their families on Thursday. Here they were treated with delicious cake as a special treat for all their hard work. Making all of this possible was our VBS coordinator, Susan Doner. She has her own special memory of this year’s VBS program...and it happened on the very last day! The kids finished this day by watching the video that came with “Sky.” As the credits rolled, the music of “Sky” began-and the children began to sing and dance, oblivious to the fact that they were done and their parents were outside waiting for them! Somehow, this was a fitting commentary to how well out Community Vacation Bible School had gone and how well it had touched lives!

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