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G-R School Board by: Marcy Knaack

May 31, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Thursday evening the Gladbrook-Reinbeck School Board approved the hiring of Brian Williams as the principal/activity director for the Gladbrook campus. He is currently a 6-12 principal at Valley of Elgin where he has been for four years. Valley of Elgin and G-R use similar teaching techniques and both districts are using 1:1 computers, V-Rep program and have Professional Development Days, among others. Williams’ salary will be $76,500 for a 218 day contract. He will have benefits that are included in the master contract. Supt. Tim Kuehl recommended that Mr. Williams be allowed to work some per diem days during the summer of 2012 and will be reimbursed moving expenses up to $1,000. The board offered Supt. Kuehl a 3-year contract with his salary for next year to be $131,500. The 2nd year of his contract he will receive $136,500 and the 3rd year, $141,000. Kuehl also serves as elementary principal at the Reinbeck campus. The board approved a salary increase of $2,500 for High School Principal Matt Leeman. His salary will be $77,500 for a 218 day contract. A salary increase of $1,700 for Technology Coordinator Chad Bixby was approved. His salary will be $53,200 for a 260-day contract. The bid of $23,755 from B&G HVAC, Gladbrook, was accepted for the steam trap repairs at Gladbrook. The bid from Peterson Concrete to replace 2 sidewalks at the Reinbeck  Elementary for $2,273.32 and to replace 37.5 feet of curb and 604.5 square feet of concrete at the Gladbrook Elementary for $4,767.70 was accepted. The board approved soliciting bids to purchase a new van for the 2012-13 school year and to buy a good used pickup for the custodians in Reinbeck. Neil Lundgren outlined technology plans and purchases for the summer of 2012 and the board will make a decision at the June meeting. Lundgren presented a report on technology implemented this past year. 1:1 computers were implemented at the high school in the fall of 2011. Grades 9-12 received a MacBook that they were able to take home with them to do their school work. All teachers K-8 also received MacBook Pros for the 2011-12 year. This has increased their integration of technology into the classroom and has had professional development to utilize the computer and different software. The elementary classrooms all received three I pads per class. The Reinbeck Elementary had projectors mounted and some mimios were distributed to a few teachers. Plans for this summer include having projectors installed in all the classrooms at Gladbrook. The middle school added two mobile labs of 25 per cart to the 2nd and 3rd floor. Due to a high enrollment for summer school at the Reinbeck Elementary, the board approved an additional hour each day for teaching for Nancy Gardner and Diane Staker. Their hourly rate is $25/hour. Their hours will be from 8 am to 12 noon. The board approved the retention of a kindergarten and a fourth grade student, with parental consent. Principal Leeman said the student/staff professional day received positive feedback with many students looking forward to doing it again next year. Leeman said in the 2012-13 school year, high school students will not have a study hall but will take P.E. every day, except for chorus students. Fifth through eighth grade students that took care of their behavior and academics will be rewarded with a trip to Palmer Amusements next week. Parker said middle school students have been instrumental in helping raise funds for Noah Ohrt’s family. They had Hat Day, a middle school dance and currently they are doing a Penny Wars. The three projects have raised approximately $1,400. Early graduation for Bobbi Beck was approved. Kaylee Folkerts desires to take Calc I and Calc II but with Calc I only offered at the WOC the third trimester, she will be taking the class at Hawkeye. Diane Stephen told board members changes that were coming next year in the food department. Biggest changes will be students will now be required to have ? cup of fruit or vegetables on their tray for it to count as a full meal, anything less than a full meal will be charged at ala carte prices. Stephen said the district is now limited as to how much meat/meat alternate (cheese, yogurt, etc) and grains they can offer. Previously, they only had a minimum to meet, but could offer more. Vegetables from the following must be offered each week: dark green, orange/red, and legumes.  Calories offered must be within the minimum and maximum levels. She said there will no longer be a salad bar but rather a fruit and veggie bar. The board will hold a work session Wednesday, June 13th at 5:30 p.m. in Gladbrook with the regular meeting to follow at 6:30.


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