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Why Not Double?! By Jer Ridout

May 11, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Cloudy skies, and cold temperatures is what was to be on Sunday, April 29th. I quickly rose up though, It was soon to be just another day outdoors, trying to accomplish another goal of mine on the water. This trip was an experiment, and was also a nice little friendly competition. My friend Richard, who was supposed to come and get his first opportunity to get fish number one on the season, had priorities to take care of, and had to miss out. Kruz, who also wanted to come with, did tag along, and we had ourselves a friendly competition. A mistake of mine to start off, was forgetting my spinnerbait rod. Arriving at the water we were fishing is when I noticed it was left at my apartment. Oh well! I still had other things to experiment. My WFL tournament on May 2nd is at Pine Lake, and I’ll give you all a hint, PLASTIC TUBES really work well at the Pines. I figured this Sunday would be a great opportunity to test these baits out. Hot Rod baits plastic tubes is one product that I really don’t use much, due to all the success with my Producto worms. I know I can get Bass off Producto, and have got thousands off them in the past, so why use them today really, especially when this is a great practice day? It’s time to brown my horizon! I needed to try these tubes out for practice, get some confidence and experience with these! Kruz and I started off very slowly, which was rather shocking. We made a bet..who ever gets the first fish, gets a dollar. Well, the TUBE struck through! (Black & Blue color) Oh yeah, double pump that!!! I suggested that he used a spinnerbait, since I forgot mine. I told him, “Let’s see what I can do slow bait fishing, while you use fast flashy baits”. Fast flashy spinnerbaits in colder 40 degree weather are a great tool to use. Kruz nailed quite a few off them, I just laughed and said, “Doctors orders, told ya they would work!” He was really hammering them, I wasn’t doing to well, but I was fine. I needed to really work on the tube, and I knew it would be slower fishing with slower moving baits, rather than Kruz’ flashy white “Booyah Pond Magic” spinnerbait. It was really getting cold, but thats when I started coming on with the fish! 2 Bass in 2 minutes, off the tube! Kruz soon pulled up a very strange fish in a lake like this..a WALLEYE! We put our fish in a bucket real quickly for my next picture! My goal: Why not get a double picture? Once we finished, we snap-shotted our pics for showcase. Kruz came in with the bigger fish today, with his biggest 2 fish being 15 and 16 inches, all caught on a Booyah Pond Magic spinnerbait. My two big ones were only 14, and just slipping over 15, and mine were hooked on the Hot Rod Baits tube! We then RELEASED ALL THE FISH, and saved them for another time. Good fish off the baits we attempted to get em on, and good pictures..MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Remember, colder waters, like today, and warmer waters, like in July & will tend to be in deeper waters, but can also be found in the shallow areas also with some luck (like the fishingw today). I’m glad I got this trip accomplished! Ever since I found a real enjoyment for writing to the paper, I’ve been very busy trying to set up fishing trips, which I can write on, and atleast change a few things within the writing to keep it interesting, instead of the same thing over and over again. Unfortunately, after next weekend, I will not be writing fishing articles AS MUCH..but still will, whenever I’m free this summer. Next week, I plan to use some new Hot Rod Baits tubes, and some other baits that I don’t really use due to all the success with Producto! After that article, the fishing slow down quite a bit. The reason why fishing will slow down a bit will be revealed in next weeks fishing story and tip, so you’ll have to wait and see! Hope you enjoyed reading about my exiting and FUN day!

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