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A Saturday Full of Producto-By Jer Ridout

May 4, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Again, the weekend came. I didn’t go fishing last weekend, so of course I had a lot of outdoor ambitions to do this time. So, on Saturday, April 21, I got my nephew Ethan again for my fishing buddy. Once again, we chose another farm pond, because my boat is having a few issues. I need to get on fixing it before it gets on the water. So, we did the easy type of fishing, I just wanted to do something as a little project, and the pond was great for it. Yes, farm pond fishing is way easier than boat fishing from a lake, but no biggy, already had a great night in the WFL earlier in the week. My goal was to find a good bass off a Producto worm and get a descriptive picture and write on this lure. Winds and rain coming wasn’t going to stop me and my nephew from heading, as we arrived around 10 AM. Quickly, Ethan and I got fish, literally on our first casts, but not big enough for the description I wanted. I wanted to fish the other side of the pond cause I never tried it before, and I quickly hammered two 15+ inch Bass off a drop-off. Ethan next got a beauty off his green Producto. It slowed down, till about 20 minutes later I found my fish I was set out for. A nice fat 16 inch Bass found in deeper water was landed, and I got my descriptive picture as shown. I just jigged slowly till I felt a weight on my line. Rain started to pour around noon, I nailed a tiny 8 inch Bass, then decided I didn’t want to mess with getting Pneumonia, so we left, with a total of 8 Bass in 2 hours. 5 of them were over 15 inches, which is keeper sized..but of course, I support catch and release, so they were let go, and saved to be hooked another day. Producto is by far my favorite lure, of course, they represent a live nightcrawler. They are still in business, but you would probably need a special order of them, you wont find them at Bass Pro, Walmart or any other stores likely. My father had a bait shop back in his day, and got to keep all the lures that were never sold. We have about 20 boxes and tubs of Producto in our garage. The boxes and tubs contain about 10 packages of lures in we have got thousands! We would like to sell a few of them since we have so many, and as you people have read about..they maybe old school lures, but these lures catch Bass!!!!! If you would ever want to buy some from my dad and I, contact me at or on Facebook-Jer Ridout. Thanks for reading yet another adventure of me taking friends on a fishing experience, some people are not as fortunate to get out as much as i’ve been blessed with, so I love to share my knowledge and fun with others. Join me next time, as I try to do some kind of outdoor adventure. More Bass, or even get out my Ultralite pole and go for some Crappies, you’ll just have to wait and see what comes up on my schedule!!! Keep the place clean and be safe!

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