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Always Have a Plan B-By Jer Ridout

May 4, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Once again, I couldn’t resist to get out and get fresh air and feel the freedom of being outdoors. My close friends Lane & Austin Williams were telling me about this pond a ways out of town for awhile now. So, we just had to try it out, which exited me. I LOVE testing out new waters. This time, I was the one getting the ride, instead of giving rides. I learned Sunday, April 22nd, that you always should have a “plan B” with you. Luckily, I did. We arrived about noon, and saw this pond was very shallow, and it had a lot of shallow flats for structure. I tried my Producto like always..but I couldn’t get them no matter what. Lets jig slowly, nothing. Faster jigging and more action..still nothing. My friend Austin was out to a quick lead, he had 5 and I only had one..but the one I got was from “Plan B”. Spinnerbaits were definitely the key today. (Browning Silaflex rod) Austin and Lane were using small twister tail jigs and getting Bass and Crappie. Plan B, the spinnerbaits, saved me once I started using them. Off the dam, the water was a bit deeper, and I hammered about 6 Bass off a white & green spinnerbait. I never caught Largemouth like I did off spinnerbaits this day! I did not get a crappie, I never even though about bringing my crappie jigheads and twisters. Meanwhile, Austin and Lane got about 5 beautiful slabs of pond crappies! I only got one off my dandy Producto worm, which was shocking, but spinnerbaits saved me from getting skunked. We got some pics of the spinnerbait Bass and Austin & Lane’s Crappie for description. The Crappie (around 14 inches in length) were a nice dinner for Austin! We left around 6. We totaled 24 Bass between the 3 of us. Austin won, catching 12 Bass, and I only reeled in 10. Yep..I was outfished, but hey..thats the beauty of fishing. Somedays are just a little off, but still..I was very satisfied, because I luckily had my spinnerbaits saving me. You can’t win em all! A great weekend, taking my nephew Ethan on Saturday, then fishing with Austin & Lane Sunday. It’s great to have friends who share the same hobby!!!


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