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Little Bit of Life, Other Than Fishing By: Jer Ridout

April 27, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The final school bell rings, and another hard week in school has passed. I walk outside and head home, thinking to myself “What should I do this weekend?” Well, obviously most people could figure what I’d probably be doing, it’s a no brainer, right? Wrong!!! Believe it or not, fishing is not the total time consumption on my free time! Yes, I love it, and ALMOST every day I want to get out and feel the nice breeze, and relax on the banks, or on a boat fishing all my stress away. This weekend, on April, Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th was a different story, I just felt I needed a change. Friday night wasn’t much special, except making a run to the store, buying some chips n dip, and some Dr. Pepper. I went home and watched a double-header of NBA basketball (if anyone didn’t know, I also love watching the sport, it’s usually all I do on the weekends in winter time!). Awesome, both my teams won that night! Saturday, really wasn’t too much. I got a call from my friend Kruz asking me if I wanted to hit the pond by my house for something to do. I said, “Not today”, and he was rather shocked I passed it up. If anyone remembers, Saturday allover the news were storms, so I just watched the weather channel waiting for the storm to come. I sat outside for hours just relaxing waiting for it to arrive. Finally it did, and I enjoyed myself for the rest of the evening. Sunday, I finally got up at 9:00, which is probably the latest I’ve slept in a long time. (I usually get up around 6:00 AM). I felt no need to even touch my rods/reels, just wasn’t up to the task. What did I do? Watched another NBA game, but my team lost so I decided to at least do something, rather than sit around like I had all weekend. I got on my bike and fleeted down to the bike trail. I had my camera with me, as the sun started to shine. I’m way out on the trail, headed to Grimes Farm Conservation Center when I spot a Union Pacific Stacker train and get a great picture of it. Trains are another thing that I love. It’s an odd fact about me, but I really enjoy just watching them pass by. I could sit there for hours watching them come and go. Yeah, you could say I’m a pretty laid back person. (except for my taste in music) Next, I ride back into town, stop at the Kwik-Star on 6th Street, then head back on the trail. There’s a spot at the softball complex where there’s a bench. I sat there, ate a pizza and drank a Red-Bull energy drink, and watched a few more trains. It was about 7:30 and I made my way back home. I pretty much sat back in my chair in my room and listened to some music (Nirvana was the band) to close the night, a great way to cap off a non-fishing and very relaxing weekend. I really hope you enjoyed this writing, and learned a little about me NOT behind the fishing pole. I will now confess and say that I did not want to fish, because I needed some time to think about this weeks WFL. I’m very nervous, and want to impress people. I also needed time to think about planning some other interesting fishing articles in the future, I get calls all the time from friends wanting to go, so this weekend I just had to take the time to plan all the trips out. Thanks for reading, wish me luck on Wednesday!

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