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The Wonders of Fishing With Artificial Lures & A Day With the Nephew By: Jer Ridout

April 20, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
nows, and as far as that goes..anyone who knows or has heard of me period; knows that fishing basically runs my life. I am addicted to say the least, but I am proud to say that I am addicted to fishing, rather than something harmful or non-constructive. I’d say it’s pretty awesome to go to a gas station, or at a public event and have people always ask me “so, do you get so many fish, what’s your secret?” Well, it’s very simple. I started out at a very young age (age 4), and my dad was a great angler himself back in the 1980’s and 90’s. Another reason is because practice, practice, practice, I just fish on my free time. Paying attention to detail is another KEY thing, always feeling the weight of my lure, and slow movement on your line. Okay, but then they ask “How do you get them on non-live bait?” I took a friend fishing last year, and put on a Producto tournament worm, and he says “Um..really? That isn’t gonna get you anything bro.” Well, 2 hours and 12 fish later, and he’s shocked. A lot of people are usually shocked..Fake bait, really? As you may know, I only fish for Bass with Producto worms, Hot Rod Baits tubes, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, and you’ve read about me being very successful with these. Well, honestly, I don’t know really how they work so well for me except these theories. I’m confident using them, and they act as live fish or bait when used correctly. This little story will tell you about my nephew Ethan Ridout and my trip to a pond, where we used a little of everything. Friday, April 6th marked the day where Ethan and I headed to a private pond. He doesn’t get out much like I do. We arrived about 4:00 PM. I brought my Browning Silaflex rod, Ultralite Bluegill rod and my Berkley AMP rod (extremely sensitive rod, found at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Ankeny, my FAVORITE rod). It was a great start for me, as I landed two 15+ inch Bass. Then it slowed down a bit, so Ethan and I threw spinnerbaits/crankbaits, and Ethan nailed a couple nice beautiful Bass on a lime green Spinnerbait. (all released, I throw every Bass back, it’s like a sin for me to keep a beautiful fish, unless they are Bluegill and Crappies). Then for fun, using jig-heads, I fished for Bluegill with my Ultralite pole, and nailed about 20 Bluegill. NOTE: These fish were very small, it was FUNNY, they ranged from 3-5 inches. We took a picture of one for a “blooper” because the size I was catching was so funny. We moved down a ways and Ethan got another beautiful Bass with the spinnerbait, and I got 2 more off my Producto worm. One was 16 inches, I love it! Sunset arrived, and it was time to pack up around 7 PM, we had a great night. Ethan and I both totaled the same number of fish, and I felt happy for him. (Because usually whenever I take someone it’s me getting 10 and the partner with 5). The ride home was enjoyable, we got some great picture proof of these fish, and it was just another day at the office for me. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my fishing background, and a nice little recap of this trip. Hopefully, soon I can get my boat out for some extreme fishing, and some competitive tournaments! Okay I admit, I’m “hooked!”

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