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A Little Pond Fishing-Jer Ridout

April 6, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
It’s April! Can you believe it? Well, it has arrived, and it is a great month for fishing! I set up a plan to fish a private pond (with permission) with my nephew for Saturday, March 31st. Everything was set up, and I headed to bed on Friday night just thinking about my trip I was about to endeavor. The next morning..I woke up with a fever and stomach cramps, looked outside and the weather wasn’t too spiffy either. I was so angry, one because I just had to get sick on the day I planned to go, the other..because it was supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny, and it wasn’t, I would not take the chance of getting sicker, so I stayed home. The next morning though, after a good nights sleep, I was 100% better. My nephew though couldn’t fish that day, so I got myself another buddy. My friend Kruz, who was disappointed with not being able to fish the other pond two weeks ago, so now he got his chance at this pond today. We hit the pond relatively early, around 8:30, and as expected..we had FUN. We Bluegill and Bass fished, and both were hitting. I started off getting Bluegills on Jigheads on about every cast, and rounded up to about 40 for the day (released). Then, the BASS had its turn, they were in trouble!!! Of course, using my ol’ reliable Producto 7 inch tournament worm, I threw about 20 feet out. Jigging it slowly, then feeling a hit, I landed my first Bass! Moving down the pond, it was even better. Kruz must be the master of Crankbaits, cause he was getting them left and right. Meanwhile, I was hammering them with my Producto, including a beautiful 17 inch Bass. Kruz and I got fish at the same time, and we just had to take the picture of both our fish. I was not totally satisfied though, as I missed at least 3 of them (one right up to the bank, then flipped off). We left around noon, so three hours of fishing, and around 60 total fish!!! (Gills & Bass) It was a great morning, and I can’t thank the owner enough for giving me the access to his waters. Remember, if you ever do want to fish a private water, GET PERMISSION, and keep the place clean! Hope you guys found this story entertaining!

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