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Letter to the Editor-Merle Wilson

April 6, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Lies, deceit, corruption and trickery abound in Washington and I’m pretty sure some of teh legislators are for sale to the highest bidder. It looks to me like many of our legislators in Des Moines are no different. The article on lobbying in teh March 25 issue of the Des Monies Register verifies this. Senator Dick Deardon’s ‘raccoon bill (where he slipped in dove hunting) is a prime example of how deceit is used to pass laws that benefit only hunters and the DNR. Now Lance Horbach in Tama County wants to put domestic hogs on a game perserve in his county and let people who call themselves hunters walk up to the pigs, shoot and kill them. What does this type of senseless killing have to do with ‘hunting’? John Carlson wrote a colunm a few years ago that I believe was captioned ‘Idiotic moron hunters love the killing game’. Former DNR game warden Chuck Humeston wrote in one of his ‘Warden’s Diary’ articles, ‘When did it stop being hunting and become nothing more than killing?’ Cordially, Merle Wilson 1051 175th St., Jesup, IA 50648 Phone (319) 827-1690


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