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Letter to the Editor

March 30, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Cedar Valley Hospice – The Compasionate Choice Those with an advance illness have choices.  One of those choices is whether and when to use hospice services.  There have been recent studies comparing those using hospice to those who did not.  All the studies indicated some terminally ill persons live longer with hospice – an average of 29 days longer in one study.  It has always been inaccurate, but often believed, that hospice means giving up.  However, hospice is known to improve quality of life and often prolongs the lives of those who receive care. Another area of choice is what hospice to use.  In every Iowa County, there are multiple hospices.  Some think all hospices are the same or there is only one.  Such is not the case.  There are differences in the range of services offered.  Some hospices are for-profit and others not-for-profit.  Some may be programs of a hospital, while others are not.  Some offer primarily hospice service and grief support, while have extensive end-of-life services.  Investigate your options and decide who you want to serve you or your loved one. Being faced with choices requires making decisions – hospice or not and if hospice, which one.  My family was offered a choice.  We chose Cedar Valley Hospice. Joan Gethmann-Raum Gladbrook, Iowa


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