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Message From Our Mayor

March 9, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
As we enter the month of March, we will be like a bunch of bears coming out of hibernation.  We will be able to go to the Memorial Building every week end in March for a fund raising meal.  Starting with the Corn Carnival kick off and ending with the Noah Ohrt fundraiser on March 31.  Every one of these meals will have plenty of good food and every one will be different. The March 4th Corn Carnival dinner was also a chance to see the new quilt that Katy is working on and that will be raffled off during Corn Carnival and March 31 will conclude with a good meal and a great auction of donated items to help support Noah and his family.  The plans for this event are being made now.  There will be a free will offering meal, a bake sale and a lot of very interesting items on the auction.  This is one fundraiser that you will want to spend the day at. Lori, Roger Luering, Trudi Scott and the department heads have been working on the city budget.  This is not an easy job as they have to balance between needs, wants and the future growth and upkeep of Gladbrook.  We all worry about the streets and some of our old sewers and about what it will cost to replace them.  The council has decided to look into long range planning for our town in the hope to help address some of these needs ten to twenty years out in the future.  In the meantime next years tax rate should stay within a nickel of last years levy which would amount to a $5 raise on a $100,000 home.  Remember, this is just on the city’s share of your tax bill. The water project is right on schedule.  We had a few problems that have to be solved this winter.   The water tower is being built and should start to arrive yet this month.  It’s been great to have a mild winter to help this project. At our last council meeting, Sheriff Kucera reported that there was an alleged scam of an older citizen here in town.  This person was phoned and told they had won a large sum of money and needed to send a check to get these winnings.  Fortunately the employees of the Great Western Bank here in town spotted the fraud and stopped the check.  It is great to have a bank in town that is here to serve and care about their customers.  That is something you don’t get with big mega banks.  It is also great to have a bank that wants to be a part of Gladbrook and is willing to support Gladbrook in our effort to make this a growing, caring community.  Thank you Great Western Bank and staff for being a part of our community! Don’t forget Corn Carnival is now June 21 through June 24. Keith Sash, Mayor


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