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Gladbrook Clover Kids

February 17, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
The Gladbrook Clover Kids met at the Memorial Building on Sunday February 5.  An enjoyable evening was spent learning about birds.  We looked at several picture books from the library to see color pictures of commonly seen birds and talked about the different types of beaks each bird has and why that particular type of beak is suited to the species.  We also looked at the colors of feathers each type of bird has and discussed which ones we have seen in our yards and around town.  Then each of us created our own bird on paper using feathers of many brilliant colors.  Later in the meeting, each of us did feather tracings and compared the real feather to the one we made from paper.  Lastly, we made a treat for the birds from pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seed to hang in a tree or bush at home. Project ideas that were suggested from this meeting were to make a bird bath or a bird feeder.  Directions for several simple ones can be found in the current issue of “Birds and Blooms” magazine. Parents and members were reminded to enroll in project areas before March 15.  You can enroll by phoning the extension office or emailing/mailing a list of project areas to the office. The next meeting will be March 18 at 5 PM in the Memorial Building.


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