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Message From Our Mayor

February 10, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
As I write this it is the 5th of February and I looked out the window and all I saw was mud – no snow and the temperature is in the mid 30’s.  Now so far this winter it has been easy on all of our personal heating budgets.  This also helps out on the city’s budget as well.  One of the questions often asked of me is what will the town do with the money we have saved on snow removal and overtime.  Well here’s the answer whether you like it or not.  We will spend it!  Now that is not as bad as it sounds and don’t be like our national news media and only use part of that statement.  The street departments share of the total budget is used every year.  On years like this where we have less expense in snow removal, that will leave more money in the budget for street repair and upgrades.  Just the opposite happens when there is more snow removal.  It results in less street improvements.  So let’s hope it stays like this because that is a win - win for all of us. February is the month when Lori, the city council and various town entities start their work on the budget.  This takes a lot of work by the department heads, board and volunteers to come up with a workable budget.  Everyone has their own pet desires and wishes that would make their projects function better.  The city council will have to make the hard choices on what is workable or not. As I write this months letter, I want to report that the theatre fund raiser was a great success.  Jo and I went to the movie Friday night and for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to see the new digital picture it’s really great along with the new sound system.  It is every bit as good quality as anywhere in the country.  A special thanks goes out to the theatre board, JoAnn Ruopp and all of those who contributed to this great project.  You deserve to be very proud of your accomplishment.  Thank you to all!  In a town where we all take a lot of pride in our city and what we have accomplished, it seems there is always something else to do.  Our next project is not near as big as the last one but is also very much needed.  The Memorial Building Committee has decided to put in a dishwasher.  We are just getting going on this project and will keep everyone informed on this as it gets more organized. As you have seen in the past, I like to credit businesses in Gladbrook that make this a great place to live.  Westbrook Acres is one of those places.  As most of you know, we moved by mother there on December 24 after living at Independent Living for two months.  This was an emergency move with little time to prepare and on a holiday with short staff and a lot of extra traffic due to Christmas Eve.  The staff at Westbrook was very helpful and this has not changed.  Of the sixty plus employees there, every one of them work very hard to make a challenging time for the patient and their family as good as possible.  We here in Gladbrook are very fortunate to have a facility like this here in town so we can visit our loved ones.  I know this is not an easy job.  I couldn’t do it but the staff there is the best and I personally thank each and every one of them. That is all for this month.  It is about time for the Super Bowl.  Watch number 39 for the NY Giants.  His last name is Sash. Keith Sash, Mayor


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