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G-R 8th Grade Boys Basketball by Coach Steve Luethje

February 10, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
Tuesday, Jan. 17th, G-R 8th grade Boys Basketball hosted BCLUW and won the contest 56-9, as we advance to 9-0 on year. Everyone saw good minutes, we held back some in this contest, and with a continual running second half clock it made for a short game. All G-R 8th grade players scored in this contest, but we were led by Brock Bystricky 16 pts and Colton Dinsdale 9 pts, 9 steals, 8 rebounds, and 3 assist night (almost a triple double) as both Brock and Colton had their game going, we were then followed by Josh Cooley 9 pts, Tyler Eiffler 8 pts, Dalton Schwartz 4 pts, Jake Mohlis 3 pts Erick Stoakes, Bryce Clark, Jake Schuman 2 pts each. When everyone gets to score there is a reason, and its unselfishness or teamwork, as this ball was passed around freely to the open players. Plus, a thanks to our fans for coming out and supporting us on this weeknight game, as we played in front of a very large Junior High audience in this game!


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