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GMG Speech Team ready for contest: By Coach Margaret Thomsen

January 20, 2012
Northern-Sun Print
GMG high School and 9th Grade Speech Teams are ready for Large Group Speech Contest. District contest is at Grinnell High School on January 21 and State Contest is at Cedar Rapids Washington on February 4. Senior Mime I finds Emily Havelka, Madelyn Newcomb and Jasey Roberts presenting “Movie Adventure”. Senior Mime II is doing “Shadow Stalking” and are experimenting by adding “Pink Panther” music. Members of that group are Codi Groth, Bailey Sonderleiter and Peyton Mannan. Three Radio Broadcasting groups have their CD ready for the judge to listen to. The five to six minute broadcast features news, weather, sports, a special feature and an original commercial. We met on Friday the 13 and had a blast recording. KWX 103.2 features Austin Groth, Madisun Van Gundy, Dillon Slingluff, Alix Hesmer, Luke Wrage, Jaci Johnson and Logan Burt. KBP 114.7 includes Ella Groen, Noah Thurston, Jeff Hughes, Matt Smith, Olivia Barritt, Ryan Spurlin and Megan Slingluff. KBJ 88.9 participants include Summer Langenbau, Olivia Welton,Allison Stegmann, Peyton Mannan, Codi Groth, Bailey Sonderleiter and Aspen Brown. Four sophomore gals’ Ensemble Acting, “Like Wow,Mrs. Hoover” takes place in a hair salon. Actresses are Mackenzie Burt, Abbie Duden, Caitlin Appelgate and Jenny Borota. Seniors Siera Richter and Malaina Brunn are two middle aged “Lutheran Ladies”. Our ninth graders are enacting “Friends to the Death” which takes place a million mile in the air on a roller coaster. Noah Thurston, Ella Groen and Kenna Krier are the actors. Alex Steiner, Kyle Barloon, Luke Wrage, Melody Beane, Samantha Mowrey and Jasey Roberts are trying their hand at a new area, Short Film. It is a wide open field and the final product resembles a U-Tube Video. The biggest challenge has been to agree on one focus of filming. It is a very broad category. “Falsehoods, Prevarications and Out and Out Lies” is the Reader’s Theatre presentation. The theme is 100 “stretch of the imagination” ideas. Members of the team include: Austin Groth, Siera Richter, Alix Hesmer, Dillon Slingluff, Logan Burt, Summer Langenbau, Olivia Welton, Allison Stegmann, Aspen Brown, Devon Schuett and Jaci Johnson. Four groups will try their hand at Improv. They draw three situations and have two minutes to come up with a maximum five minute funny scene – complete with beginning, middle and climax. This is not for the faint of heart. These students are marvelous – particularly when the draw is less than desirable. Group I senior includes, Caitlin Appelgate, Jenny Borota, Abbie Duden and Mackenzie Burt. Group II senior members are Kyle Barloon, Devon Schuett,Samantha Mowrey, Malaina Brunn and Madelyn Newcomb. Senior Improv III finds Emily Havelka, Madisun Van Gundy and Alex Steiner ready to rock. The goals have been set and the team is hoping to send representatives from GMG to All State. Last year Radio Broadcasting I and Improv III were selected. Lets do it again. Thank you parents for your support. We invite all family to attend contest to watch and support us. We LOVE having familiar faces in the audience!!

Article Photos

GMG Speech Team
Thirty six GMG High School and Ninth Grade Speech Team members are ready for District Large Group Speech Contest. Team members will present fourteen entries at the event. Team members pictured include: In front on the floor: Logan Burt, Noah Thurston and Dillon Slingluff. Second row: Summer Langenbau, Allison Stegmann, Codi Groth, Peyton Mannan Mackenzie Burt, Madisun Van Gundy, Kenna Krier, Olivia Barritt and Gabriella Gruen. Third row: Austin Groth, Alex Steiner, Jenny Borota, Caitlin Appelgate, Emily Havelka and Siera Richter. In back: Jasey Roberts, Samantha Mowrey, Melody Beane, Olivia Welton, Abbigail Duden and Madelyn Newcomb.
Not present for the photo: Alix Hesmer, Kyle Barloon, Ryan Spurlin, Jeff Hughes, Matt Smith, Megan Slingluff, Aspen Brown, Devon Schuett,  Jacie Johnson, Luke Wrage, Bailey Sonderleiter, Malaina Brunn and Coach Margaret Thomsen. Photo by Margaret Thomsen



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