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G-R 8th Grade Boys Basketball by Coach Steve Luethje

December 30, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Gladbrook - Reinbeck 8th Grade Boys Basketball score most points ever.

Dec. 8th, G-R 8th grade Boys Basketball team defeated East Marshall Mustangs 84-14 and set two middle school records for most points ever scored, and 70 point margin of victory as both records fell in this contest. This is great accomplishment as once you’re up 35 points on your opponent the clock runs continual in the second half. The story was these young Rebels just got after it during this contest. It did not matter much if we were in full court, ? court, or our half court defense, as the end result was the same: we just played well at all times, with our team passing the best I have seen in a long time. Everyone saw some good playtime in this win. Leading the Rebels was balanced team scoring with Tyler Eiffler 16 pts, Colton Dinsdale 15 points, Josh Cooley 14 pts, Jake Schuman 12 points followed by Eric Stoakes and Dalton Schwartz 8 pts each, Brock Bystricky 7 pts, Bryce Clark 2 points and Jake Mohlis with 3 steals and 2 assists. With this win the Rebel’s improve to 2-0 on season. Our next game is Dec. 13th vs. BCLUW, by Coach Steve Luethje

G-R 8th Grade Boys Basketball Win.

Tuesday, Dec. 13th, G-R 8th grade Boys Basketball team defeated BCLUW at Union 44-7 now 3-0 record overall. We played a full court pressing style defense with a lot of different combinations and sets and the young rebels found themselves up 19 points before the Cobra’s scored. We then backed away and concentrated on the little things, but the outcome was we only allowed 7 points scored on us. Everyone saw some good playtime with another solid win. Leading the Rebels was Colton Dinsdale and Tyler Eiffler with 12 pts each, followed by Josh Cooley, Brock Bystricky, Dalton Schwart 6 pts each, Eric Stoakes 2 pts, contributing in steals, rebounds and assists was Jake Schuman and Jake Mohlis with 3 assists and 2 steals each. Our next game is Thursday Dec. 15th vs. Grundy Center. By Coach Steve Luethje

Rebel’s 8th Grade Boys BB gets Win over the Spartans!

Thursday, Dec. 15th the young Rebels found themselves facing a more difficult opponent than we have played in the past. The Spartans were undefeated going into this contest with several talented players so we had our work cut out for us, plus we only won by 1 point against them as 7th graders last season. We new we would have to play well at all times to get the win, and we pretty much did that. The final score was 47-30 as the Rebels improve their season record to 4-0 overall. This is the first season that 3 point shots are being counted in Junior High Basketball and so Brock Bystricky has the honor of scoring our 1st 3 point shot ever for G-R Middle School, plus he had 4 in this contest, with Josh Cooley and Tyler Eiffler scoring 1 three point shot each, the reason was that Grundy Center played us in 2-3 zone defense were other teams have played man defense against us, so our outside shots were needed. However as a team we were only 2 of 12 from foul line but our leading scorers were Brock Bystricky with 16 points, followed by Josh Cooley 13 pts, Tyler Eiffler 11 points, Colton Dinsdale 6 points, and Eric Stoakes 1 point. Just as importantly was Jake Schuman 2 steals and 2 rebounds, Jake Mohlis 1 assist and 2 steals, Dalton Schwartz 2 assists and 3 rebounds and Bryce Clark 1 rebound to help out. This made for a fun Rebel night. Our future schedule is Monday Dec. 19th vs. GMG, then Jan 6th home vs. Dike-NH.



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