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Tama County Board of Supervisors By: Joyce Wiese

December 30, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Tama County Supervisors Kendall Jordan, Dan Wilkens and Larry Vest met Monday morning, December 19, in regular session. Eleven bids were received for the farm and crop ground, approximately 121 acres. High bid went to DSN Farms for $50,000 a year on a 3-year contract, $413.22 an acre. Other bids were from Clint Wobeter, $44,495 or $367.72 an acre. Scott Shadden, $36,481 or $301.50 an acre. Josh and Pete Lyon, $33450 or $276.45 per acre. Tim Popelka, $32,065 or $265 an acre. Derek Kienzle, $30,855 or $255 an acre. Rick Kupka, $30,371 or $251 an acre. Shawn Bacon, $30,250 or $$250 an acre. Tim Murty, $29,550 or $247.52 an acre. Paul Nardini, $29,887 or $247an acre. Kevin Herink, $22,385 or $185 per acre. All bids were for a 3-year contract. Pasture ground received three bids with Derek Kienzle bidding $750, Clint Wobeter $700 and Duane (no last name) at $500. Kienzle received the bid and will pay $750 per year for three years. County Attorney Brent Heeren introduced his new assistant Tama County Attorney, Patrick McMullen. He will serve as a full time prosecutor, effective December 19, 2011. McMullen worked previously in Marshalltown. The annual road clelaring meeting was held at 10:30 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors room. Discussion was on fall spraying, which is most effective on Canadian thistles at this time of the year. Spraying dirt roads will continue. There is two full time employees for spraying, doing one half of the county each year. This department will be purchasing a new tractor and mower in the 2012 fiscal year. They have a new one coming this spring. County engineer Lyle Brehm told supervisors he had not received any complaints on the spraying program this past year. Brehm also stated that ‘DO NOT SPRAY’ signs need to be placed by May 1, 2012. Due to the holidays of Christmas and New Years falling on Sunday, the Monday meeting dates of the Supervisors will be changed to Tuesday as Monday will be a legal holiday for county employees. December 26 meeting will be held on December 27 and January 2, 2012 meeting will be held January 3. Claims approved for the past week came to $350,435.40.


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