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Dear Santa

December 30, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Dear Santa – I’ve been a good boy this year!  I would like a football team shirt, a slider phone, toys, new airplane and trucks.  What is your favorite cookie? Love, Caleb Ferch

Dear Santa – I have been a good boy.  I want a piece of candy. Love, Owen Case

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year.  I would like 1)lala loopsy doll 2) American doll that looks like me 3) Squinkies 4) Olivia the pig house that turns into a ship 5) Just Dance 3 for the Wii, color blast Dora dance for the Wii too 6) Rock & Roll Mickey 7) I Spy tab book 8) Blizzard Maker 9) Orbeez soothing spa 10) Play-doh pizza maker 11) Cabbage Patch dirty doll 12) walking dog 13) walking horse 14) fijit 15) Sassy Salon 16) ZuZu movie Thank you and Merry Christmas. Love, Amaya Peterson

Dear Santa, Hello, my name is Rhianna Murty and I am 4 years old.  I have been pretty good this year and hope that you are looking forward to your big night Christmas Eve!  I sure am!  For Christmas this year I want a Bulls Eye to go with my Toy Story Jessie doll, a Buzz Lightyear, some Strawberry Shortcake dolls, a Barbie swimming pool and some Polly Pockets. I also have 2 brothers, they are… well, mommy said I shouldn’t tell you they were naughty, you already know that.  Bring them something nice too.  My little sister Skyler is really sweet, so make sure to remember her too.  Merry Christmas Santa!  I will leave milk and cookies for you and some hay for your reindeer. Love, Rhianna Murty

Dear Santa, I think I have been pretty good this year.  I have had a little more trouble getting along with my siblings and definitely my parents. This is what I want for Christmas…………4 feet of snow I also want a Wii game called THOR and another Wii game called SUPER MARIO BROS.  I would also like the rest of the books that go with the Series Unfortunate Events.  I still need book numbers 8, 10, 11.  Finally I would like a Chicago Bears Jersey if you can squeeze that one in.  Have a Merry Christmas Santa, I will leave out milk and cookies for you and some hay for your reindeer. Love, Conner Murty

Dear Santa, Hello, my name is Skyler Murty and I am 2 years old.  I have been pretty good this year, and I am pretty sweet to my brothers and sister.  They tell me that all the time!  Mommy says that I have been pretty good this year too.  I would like some Strawberry Shortcake dolls, some new clothes, a Bulls Eye Horse for my Sheriff Woody doll and any princess stuff you want to bring me. I have two older brothers and I have them pretty much wrapped around my fingers.  So, Santa –bring them something real nice too.  My older sister… well she has been good I suppose, so don’t forget about her.  I will leave some cookies and milk for you and some hay for the reindeer.  Tell Rudolph hello for me.  Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Skyler Murty

Dear Santa, Hi my name is Layne Murty, I am 9 years old.  This year for Christmas I would like a remote control snow mobile, some Lego City stuff, a new Wii game, laser tag, and five feet of snow.  Finally I would like table top sports games (football, hockey & pool). I have been… well, mostly good this year, but I do need to be nicer to my sister Rhianna.  I will work on that.  Make sure that you bring something real nice for my sisters and brother.  I will leave milk and cookies out for you and hay for the reindeer.  My mom says to please ask the reindeer to not make such a mess in the yard with the hay this year. Love Layne Murty

Dear Santa, I have beem good.  I would like a slinky fairytale makeup American girl wheelchair and cast. Pirate patch. I love u Stella. Betts.

Dear Santa, How are you?  I would like to have a Leapster, a Lego (in the box), a Batman Lego game for the Leapster, a playhouse for inside and a tent.  How’s Rudolph?  I will be at Dad’s on Christmas Eve.  I also want a play sleigh with Santa in it and reindeer (all of them) Owen Koester

Dear Santa Hi is Rudolph good?  I would like parts to a house and a DS a dog ball and a play house and a car and a drt bike a new Wii game a spongebob. From Ryan To Santa

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good girl this year. For Christmas this year I would like some Barbies, a Hello Kitty puzzle and some books.  I would also like some cute clothes for school and some Tinker Bell and Hello Kitty pajamas.  I would also like the new Smurfs movie and Strawberry Shortcake, Tinker Bell and Hello Kitty movies. I will leave you lots of cookie and some milk on the table. Thank you Rexanna Millard

Dear Santa, My name is Brooklyn Wood.  I’ve been a good girl this year.  I’m 1 ? years old.  I would like some cute toys.  Thank you, Brooklyn Wood

Santa, My name is Brock Drew.  I’m in first grade. I want a General Grivies mask and a dog happy nappier.  Merry Christmas to you Brock Drew

Dear Santa. I want a echa-a-sketch for Christmas.  And some goodies in my stocking with some summer sausege. Love Brandon Drew P.S. I hope you have a good Christmas too.

Dear Santa, My name is Kendall Klinse.  I’m 1 year old.  I’ve been a good little girl this year.  Please bring me some cute toys. Thank you, Kendall Klinse

Dear Santa I would like a dsi, games, an American girl doll horse, Wii, mini lala loopsy.  Dear Santa I want this. Love, Adelyn Sienknecht

Dear Santa, My name is Alaney Sienknecht.  I’m 10 ? months old.  I’ve been a good girl and would like some cute toys. Thank you, Alaney Sienknecht

Dear Santa, My name is Carlee I am almost 2 years old. I have been a very good girl this year. Please bring me a fishing pole, so I can go fishing with my Daddy. I will leave some carrots and hay out for your reindeer. Thank you. Love, Carlee Smith

Dear Santa, I’m good. I want a DSiXL for Chirstmas or a cover for my four wheeler.  Bright orange for my cover of my four wheeler. Please, Payson Gillespie

Dear Santa, I am good.  Want a Fijit Gex mom and willa dad something. Please Zoe Gillespie

Dear Santa I want a Fureal pony.  I want a jelwry maker.  I want a glow in the dark stars.  I want a horse stuff.  Do you like to help your elves? P.S. Write back please Kayla Vavroch

Dear Santa, I have tried to be good.  Are you ready for Christmas?  I would like a lallalopsy doll, operation and a tag reader.  I will leave cookies and milk. Love, Sydney Vavroch

Dear Santa – I’m sure you are busy in the North Pole.  Thank you so much for sending Zipper Jack to us.  He has been watching Easton and I and I have been a really good girl!  He even goes to a different spot every night after he flies up to see you to give you my report.  I would really like a real microphone and a karaoke machine for Christmas this year. Love, Aubree Runner

Hi Santa – As you know I am only 15 months old so my mommy is helping me write this!  I love helping my sister find Zipper Jack every morning.  I have been a very good little boy this year and I hope he has been telling you that when he reports to you every night.  I would really like a Cars 2 World Grand Prix Race Track.  It would be so much fun to watch the Cars go round and round!  Stay warm! Love, Easton Runner

Dear Santa I want for Christmas lots fo toy.  I want is a nerf gun for Christmas.  I want a play station for Christmas.  I want lots of Legos for Christmas.  I wants geotrax.  I wants a cross.  And the train ball and Bruno.  I want a remote control snowmobile.  I want a Wii for Chrismas.  I want a captain underpants book for Chrismas. So Santa can you get me a ds game.  Ben 10 alien fors. -Wyatt Jackson

Dear Santa I would like a Hello Kitty Dream House, Cinderella Barbies, Squinkies, Jewelry box (BIG), necklaces, rings, hair ties, picture, band aids, Santa hat, hot coco, star hanger for my room, markers, pencils, note book, hair brush, Hawkeye shirt, Bronco shirt, strawberry shortcake cup, cupcake scensty, garbage can. Kahlynn Foster

Dear Santa, I hope your reindeer aren’t sick.  Can I please have a Barbie camera doll.  Santa what do you do in Christmas. Love, Karsyn Broekemeier

Dear Santa, My name is Drayson Stosh Stephenson.  I have been a very good boy this year.  For Christmas I would like a Cars 2 Movie, Lion King Movie, more Cars 2 Cars, and a Cars Fan Stand to put all my cars in.  On Christmas I will be at Nana’s house so please take my presents there.  My little brother Liam Scott Stephenson has been good too so bring him baby toys.  Love, Drayson Stephenson

Dear Santa, I want a boy bike, a puzzle, a bicycle holder, a garage, a boy computer with a desk, a boy car and a dump truck. Love, Canaan Baer

Dear Santa, I would like 3 forklifts, one for me, one for Mommy and one for Daddy.  A skid loader and new track so we can drive them and a big scraper. Love, Colton Hauser

Dear Santa, I want a backhoe, a skid loader and a dump truck. Love, Parker Schmidt

Dear Santa, I want transformers, new clothes, a grocery cart and a fight thing. Love, Na’Jhay Teny

Dear Santa, I want treats, fruit chews and chicken nuggets.  And a treat for my mom please. Love, Elise Engle

Dear Santa, I want a dollhouse, Hannah Montana chap stick, Nintendo DSi, pink case for the DSi, a princess game, a Hello Kitty game and that’s all. Love, Anna Mussig

Dear Santa, I would like a baby doll and a tricycle. Love, Calleigh Staker

Dear Santa, I want cartoons.  I want you to eat a meal for yesterday. Love, Johanna Lage

Dear Santa, I would like a puzzle, a baby doll and some candy. Love, Jasmine Bassett

Dear Santa, I would like a dump truck and fire truck.  I would also like a school bus and a cars tower.  Thank you. Love, Kaleb Mehaffey

Dear Santa, I want monster trucks, a Hawkeye pillow pet and a fire truck! Love, Nate Mahr

Dear Santa, I want a Smurf game, some blocks, apple toy, a new bed, a Santa Claus toy, a motorcycle and a sandbox. Love, Hunter Roberts

Dear Santa, I want a Nintendo DS and Smurf movie Love, Aidan White

Dear Santa, I want a salon, operation and a white puppy with a leash.  I want a jewelry maker.  Dear Santa I’ve been extra good for Christmas. Love, Joss Warnell

Dear Santa, I would like Lightening McQueen.  I would also like a Buzz Lightyear Toy and new markers please. Love, Drayke Dvorak

Dear Santa, I want Hello Kitty stuff, Dora and Boots, a puppy like Aunt Pam’s dog Katie, baby dolls and that’s it! Love, Grace Brubaker

Dear Santa, I want a dart gun, glow bracelets, glow glasses, a new Wii, a new movie player and that’s it. Love, Jay Bru

Dear Santa, I want an ipad, Dora Dance for the Wii, Hello Kitty dream house, makeup, a jewelry box, a toothbrush, a bike, a dress, new shoes, a cash register, a puzzle, new Nintendo DS pens cause I lost mine.  And a Smurf movie! Love, Lyndee



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