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Gladbrook City Council By Marcy Knaack

December 16, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
Monday evening the Gladbrook City Council approved Justin Miller and Landon Read to the Gladbrook Fire Department. Fire Chief Matt Koester updated the Council on items the Fire Department has been looking at. He said plans are to replace the 1992 pumper truck in the next 2-3 years. It currently pumps 750 gallons/minute and has a 750 gallon tank. They would like to replace it with a pumper that can pump 1250 gallons/minute with a 2000 gallon tank. The ’92 pumper would replace the secondary 1965 pumper. Koester said the current fire station has three doors that are 9 feet tall but that new trucks are now over 9 feet tall. They have been talking about expanding the station to the east from the front door to the doctor’s office. The new building would be taller and he is not sure how well it could handle the snow on the roof. Koester and Public Works Director Mark Lowry will be in contact with an engineer who can give them their opinion. Most likely the new addition would not happen in the next 1-2 years. The 2011 Tama Co 28e Agreement for Fire and Rescue Services was tabled. The Council adopted Resolution 12-23 establishing GASB (Governmental Accounting Standards Board) fund balance policies. The Resolution states that the City of Gladbrook will strive to maintain a yearly ending fund balance of 75% of the total operating expenditures. The City of Gladbrook general fund balance shall be confirmed at the end of each fiscal year by the annual independent audit and if the unassigned fund balance falls below 50%, the Gladbrook City Council and the Gladbrook City Clerk shall develop and implement a plan to rebuild the balance to 50% within one year. Pay Resolution 12-29 to pay S L Baumeier $22,187.27 for continued work on the water mains was approved. Pay Resolution 12-30 to pay Maguire Iron, Inc. $83,125.00 was approved. Lowry said the foundation for the water tower has been poured but work on the water tower will not start until March 2012. The old water tower won’t be coming down until the middle of July 2012. The Council approved Resolution 12-31 amending the SRF (State Revolving Fund) approved in September 2011 from a 20-year amortization to a 30-year amortization. The annual payment will be $43,000 instead of $55,000. The Council will transfer $18,060 from the LOST Special Revenue Fund to the Debt Service Fund for approximately 2/3 of the December 2011 loan payment for the 2004 Main Street Improvement Note. Partial payment of $30,001 for the Theater Digital 3D System was approved with Resolution 12-32. Theater Manager JoAnn Ruopp said that $78,000-$80,000 of the funds has been raised. Any additional funds over $80,000 will be used in the future for needed improvements to the theater, such as replacing the carpet, replacing the seats, etc. The theater will be closed from December 19th – 26th to switch over to digital. The Council approved a bill that Lowry presented for a resident having sewer backup at their residence due to continued work on the water mains. City Clerk Lori Bearden reminded the current council members to be thinking of a budget workshop to be held in January. The Council approved a claim yet to be received up to $794 for repair on the digital sign. Sheriff Dennis Kucera reported his deputies had spent 123 hours within the city limits of Gladbrook during November and responded to 19 calls for service.


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