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Alpha Study

December 9, 2011
Northern-Sun Print
The Alpha Study Club met on Nov. 22nd at the home of Shirley Swenson.  President Shirley Young opened the meeting with a reading by Jennifer Ruisch titled “The Allure of Cinnamon”.  Sixteen members answered roll call by telling of their most memorable turkey disaster.  Under old business, Our club Christmas project at the Westbrook Acres this year will be a snowman that can be used inside or outside.  The staff at the home informed our committee that their decorations were well used and they would be very pleased to have something new to view.  This snowman can be used for the full winter season if they wish. The social committee reported that our next meeting will be December 13 around 12:30 p.m. at the Uptown Restaurant for a 1 p.m. luncheon.  The program committee then introduced Martha Gamble, who gave a delightful and sentimental report on the book “Dream When You’re Feeling Blue” by Elizabeth Berg.  Martha started her report by playing a tape of the title song.  In Chicago, as World War II rages in Europe, the Heaney sisters sit at their kitchen table each evening to write letters—Louise to her fiancé, Michael, who has just left to fight overseas; Kitty to Julian, also a soldier, and the man she wishes fervently would propose; and the third Heaney sister, Tish, to an ever changing group of men she meets at USO dances.  In the letters the sisters send and receive are intimate glimpses of life both on the battlefront and at home.  For Kitty, a confident, headstrong your woman, the departure of her boyfriend and the lessons she leans about love, resilience, and was will bring a surprise and uncover a secret, and will lead her to a radical action on behalf of those she loves that will change the Heaney family forever.  The lifelong consequences of the choices the sisters make are at the heart of this superb novel about the power of love and the enduring strength of family.  Shirley closed the meeting with a reading by Bonnie Murray Bangert titled “Autumn Sunset”.  The next meeting is December 13 at the Uptown Restaurant.  


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